Per day definition

Per day means per calendar day or part thereof.
Per day means an 8-hour day. The minimum quantity per project for “PER DAY items” would be half a day (0.5 days) with the total amount of hours for the project rounded to the next quarter of a day (see the table below):
Per day means the method to be utilized for determining the civil penalty to be assessed for a violation that is of a continuing nature but may be the result of one (1) distinguishable act or failure to act. The violation number shall remain the same when assessing civil penalties for multiple counts of violation on a per day basis.

Examples of Per day in a sentence

  • By Voting, the Lenders Determined the Amount of the Collateral in the Amount of 14,000 USDT, as well as the Interest Rate of 2% Per Day.

  • Rania Bayram Hire Part Time Para Not to Exceed5.75 Hours Per Day n/a$16.52 per hour not to exceed 5.75 hours perday No Benefits DistrictUpon Completi on of CriminalHistory Review 6/19/20 Part Time Para Appointment P-19.

  • Effective from 5th December 2007, the Company has commissioned furnace with 105 Tonnes Per Day (TPD) capacity at Jambusar plant, Dist.

  • The previous Section 2.4.8 Maximum of 75 Authorized Hours Per Week has been entirely replaced with the new Section 2.4.8 Maximum Hours Per Day.

  • Wages Per Worker Per Day Considered As Per Latest Circular of Central Government for Minimum Wages Act (Copy to be attached)Statuary ComponentsTotal Min.

More Definitions of Per day

Per day means per calendar day or part there of.
Per day means “per calendar dayunless otherwise indicated.
Per day means per calendar day unless other wise stated.
Per day means from 7:00 am until 2:30 am on the succeeding calendar day.
Per day means a calendar day or part thereof.
Per day means a designation given to a classification of rules regulating activity where a single Infraction consists of the failure to comply with the rule any number of times during a single day, regardless of the number of Customers affected by the Infraction (e.g., collection schedule).
Per day means a calendar day or part thereof unless otherwise stated.