Up to date definition

Up to date means a person has received all recommended doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, including any booster dose(s), when eligible.
Up to date in item O0300A means in accordance with current Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations.
Up to date means, in respect of a Fire Safety Assessment or FRAEW, that it satisfies each of the following criteria:

Examples of Up to date in a sentence

  • Up to date copy of TIN/ TIN Certificate attested by the proprietor/head of organizationd.

  • Up to date, however, there is no experimental information on whether any RTiO3/ATiO3 interface outside of STO support metallic ground state.

  • Up to date copy of Trade License attested by the proprietor/head of organizationb.

  • Up to date lists are available on the Council's website https://www.bathnes.gov.uk/services/streets-and-highway-maintenance/roadworks/temporary-traffic- regulation-order-notices One.Network One Network is a website that shows UK wide road closures, diversion routes, public events and incidents – anything that has the potential to cause disruption to the road network.

More Definitions of Up to date

Up to date means that at any given time, grades will be no more than one (1) week from being current. Communication with the building principal is required when extenuating circumstances arise that prevent teachers from maintaining up-to-date grades.
Up to date means representative of current thinking and practices in the subject matter to which the higher education course relates, including being appropriately informed by recent:
Up to date means extending to the present time; including the latest facts. This requirement is intended to deal with situations in which subsequent information would make the existing record inaccurate. It might not always be appropriate to delete the out of date information; the Public Records Act may require its retention. In these situations it is best for Council staff to add a note detailing the information’s lack of currency and add any new information.
Up to date means that the entered Product Information shall be accurate in all material respects for all units of Product sold by Manufacturer in the indicated country(ies) while the Product Information is in the Database. Manufacturer shall remove any materially incorrect Product Information within thirty (30) days of discovery. Manufacturer may also remove from the Database, at any time and in Manufacturer’s sole discretion, any Product registered by Manufacturer.
Up to date means that an employee is not only "fully vaccinated," but has also obtained a booster dose of a COVID-19 vaccination for which they are eligible, within 15 days of first becoming eligible. Per the Center for Disease Control (CDC) employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 are eligible for a booster after they have completed the required isolation period.
Up to date means, in respect of a FRA or FRAEW, that it satisfies each of the following criteria:‌‌
Up to date means the most recent data that is available at the last practical opportunity to update the material in the verification and publication process.