Governmental Agency Sample Clauses

Governmental Agency. The United States of America, the state in which the Land is located, any county, city, district, municipality or other governmental subdivision, court or agency or quasi-governmental agency having jurisdiction over the Land and any board, agency or authority associated with any such governmental entity, including the fire department having jurisdiction over the Land.
Governmental Agency. Governmental agency" means an executive, legislative or judicial agency, department, board, commission, authority, institution or instrumentality of the Federal Government or of a state or of a county, municipality or other political subdivision of a state. [PL 1999, c. 762, §2 (NEW).]
Governmental Agency. (a) Each Shareholder acknowledges that each other Shareholder, each holder of Upstream Securities, and their respective Affiliates from time to time are or may be engaged in businesses that are the subject of regulation by Governmental Agencies (including Gaming Regulators).
Governmental Agency. To the extent provided by law, Lessee shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Department and all of its officers, agents, and employees from any claim, loss, damage, cost, charge, or expense arising out of any act, error, omission, or negligent act by Lessee, its officers, agents, or employees, during the performance of the Agreement, except that neither Lessee, its agents, or its employees will be liable under this paragraph for any claim, loss, damage, cost, charge, or expense arising out of any act, error, omission, or negligent act by the Department or any of its officers, agents, or employees during the performance of the Agreement. When the Department receives a notice of claim for damages that may have been caused by Xxxxxx in the performance of services required under this Agreement, the Department will immediately forward the claim to Lessee. Xxxxxx and the Department will evaluate the claim and report their findings to each other within fourteen (14) working days and will jointly discuss options in defending the claim. After reviewing the claim, the Department will determine whether to require the participation of Xxxxxx in the defense of the claim or to require that Xxxxxx defend the Department in such claim as described in this section. The Department's failure to promptly notify Xxxxxx of a claim shall not act as a waiver of any right herein to require the participation in or defense of the claim by Xxxxxx. The Department and Lessee will each pay its own expenses for the evaluation, settlement negotiations, and trial, if any. Lessee is not a Governmental Agency Lessee shall indemnify, defend, save, and hold harmless the Department, its agents, officers, and employees, from any losses, fines, penalties, costs, damages, claims, demands, suits, and liabilities of any nature, including attorney's fees (including regulatory and appellate fees), arising out of or because of any acts, action, neglect, or omission by Lessee, or due to any accident, happening, or occurrence on the leased property or arising in any manner from the exercise or attempted exercise of Xxxxxx's rights hereunder whether the same regards person or property of any nature whatsoever, regardless of the apportionment of negligence, unless due to the sole negligence of the Department. Xxxxxx's obligation to indemnify, defend, and pay for the defense or at the Department's option, to participate, and to associate with the Department in the defense and trial of any claim and a...
Governmental Agency. I am the _________________________________ (Print title of Chief Financial Officer ) of   and, in this capacity, I will be responsible for establishing and maintaining the financial statements for the project . The accounting system that will be established and maintained for the purpose of this agreement will be adequate to:
Governmental Agency. ‟ means Central or State Government or any ministry, department, commission, board, authority, instrumentality or agency, under the control of Central or State Government or any other local or municipal bodies or institutions having jurisdiction over all or any part of the Project or the performance of all or any of the services or obligations of the Concessionaire under or pursuant to this Agreement.
Governmental Agency. Defined in Section 7.1(w) of this Agreement.
Governmental Agency. The obligation imposed by this paragraph shall continue for the period of this Agreement and for ten (10) years thereafter. The parties acknowledge that any violation of this obligation could result in injunctive relief as well as monetary damage.
Governmental Agency. 6 Section 1.51.
Governmental Agency. For specific information in relation to the Bank’s Fee Schedule, minimum average amounts, cut-off times, contact numbers and more, please visit In consideration for opening or maintaining account(s) at the Bank you (jointly and severally, if more than one), agree and covenant(s) with the Bank as follows: