APPENDIX P Sample Clauses

APPENDIX P. JOB SITE REPORTING Employees in the Electric Transmission & Distribution (excluding Troublemen and Meterman classifications) and Gas Department (excluding Lead Gas Servicemen) may be assigned to job sites or show-up locations that are forty (40) miles away or less from the employee’s permanent headquarters for work that is expected to last multiple days. Employees who report to job sites or show-up locations will be paid a “reporting allowance” of twenty ($20.00) per day. Assignments to job sites or show up locations shall be accomplished by canvassing through all eligible employees in the required classifications using seniority. Should this approach fail to adequately staff the appropriate number of needed employees, the Company retains the right to force, by inverse seniority order, employees to staff such assignments. Forcing of employees in this manner shall be limited to four (4) weeks [16 days] per calendar year. Nothing shall restrict any employee for volunteering for additional job siting assignments in excess of the four (4) week limitation. Management reserves the right to determine which operating center is polled for job site reporting. Employees who report to job sites or show-up locations will normally be retained on those jobs on a given day. In the event the crew and/or an individual which has been assigned to report to a job site or show-up location may be reassigned to another job during the day, crew members or the individual will be transported to the other job in Company vehicles or, if the operational necessity of the Company allows and the employee elects to do so, will be allowed to use their personal vehicle and will be reimbursed for the miles driven between jobs at the current casual mileage rate in effect. It is not the intent of the Company to utilize this language to permanently supplement staffing at any operating center. The Company will utilize a 4-10 schedule for job site reporting when the Company determines the necessities of public relations and operations of the Company's facilities and projects permit. Where it is operationally feasible and not detrimental to public relations, the Company will endeavor to utilize an alternating Monday-Thursday/Tuesday-Friday schedule for job siting assignments longer than one week in duration. In the event an alternating 4-10 schedule cannot be utilized, the Company will notify the Union as to the reasons. INDEX – 702 PHYSICAL CONTRACT – 2020 Article/Section Page Absence, Gas Mechani...
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APPENDIX P. The Road Builders Agreement" being a collective agreement between the Toronto and Area Road Builders' Association and A Council of Trade Unions acting as the representative and agent of Teamsters' Local and the Union.
APPENDIX P. The parties mutually agree to implement a Districting internal transfer agreement upon contract execution. When a Districting vacancy occurs, the following steps will occur prior to the posting of that vacancy through the City’s job posting procedure:
APPENDIX P. Mentor Assessment‌ Please respond to the following statements about your primary mentor that you have worked with in the past year: [4-item scale, 1=my mentor did not do this, 2=my mentor tried to do this, 3=my mentor did this sometimes and was effective, 4=my mentor did this frequently and was effective]
APPENDIX P. Stability Test Program Stability procedures attached include DCL’s generic SOP for stability testing, IMI’s stability procedures for Cholesterol 1,2,3 and IMI’s stability procedures for Tape Test detector. ***** Appendix Q Price Schedule for X-Rite Reader ***** 84 Appendix R Non-Conforming Notice ***** 00 Xxxxxxxx X Returned Goods Authorization Form *****
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APPENDIX P. COMPUTER USE POLICY I will maintain the confidentiality of my user ID and password. I will not use another person’s ID and password to gain entry into the computer system or voice message system. I will not create, seek observe, or use obscene, abusive, or offensive language and/or other graphics. I will not use electronic email to harass or intimidate other employees. I will respect other users and their rights. I will abide by all copyright laws and licensing agreements. I will not knowingly violate the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act when generating an email. I will not use the system for solicitation, advertisement, political, or commercial purposes. The Quincy School District retains the right to review any material stored on the network, and after following just cause procedures as described in Appendix O, may remove individual staff documents which are deemed to be unlawful, obscene, abusive, or otherwise objectionable. I will not intentionally damage computer hardware and peripherals. I will not intentionally remove, alter, copy, or add unauthorized files and/or software. I will not intentionally add, remove or alter any district computer hardware. I will not knowingly add any personal computer equipment to district computers that has not been authorized. I will not knowingly circumvent the network securities or internet filter to get to a website or internet resource. I will not intentionally attempt to access areas or activities for which I am not authorized. If loopholes in computer security systems or knowledge of a special password are encountered, I will not use them to damage computer systems, obtain extra resources, take resources from another user, gain access to systems, or use system for which proper authorization has not been given, as per RCW 9A.52.110, 9A.52.130, and 9A.48.100. Also, I will report loopholes to school authorities. The district networked computer system shall only be accessed for professional and educational use, and not inappropriate personal use. Violation of the above policy may result in discipline up to termination or prosecution according to the RCW’s. 0000 Xxxxxxxx X Harassment: Right to Representation Form 3371 Quincy Education Association can provide you with legal, emotional and financial support as 3372 needed to help you deal with all aspects of a harassment situation. 3373 ******************************************************************************

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  • Appendix I Fund Level Voluntary Limit on Other Expenses For purposes of this Appendix:

  • ATTACHMENT A Equity Funds This document is an attachment to the Participant Agreement with respect to the procedures to be used by (i) the Distributor and the Transfer Agent in processing an order for the creation of Shares, (ii) the Distributor and the Transfer Agent in processing a request for the redemption of Shares and (iii) the Participant and the Transfer Agent in delivering or arranging for the delivery of requisite cash payments, Portfolio Deposits or Shares, as the case may be, in connection with the submission of orders for creation or requests for redemption. The Participant is first required to have signed the Participant Agreement. Upon acceptance of the Participant Agreement by the Distributor and the Transfer Agent, the Transfer Agent will assign a PIN Number to each Authorized Person authorized to act for the Participant. This will allow the Participant through its Authorized Person(s) to place an order with respect to Shares.

  • Appendix The following definitions shall be in effect under the Agreement:

  • Schedule C Schedule C to the Agreement, setting forth the Portfolios of the Trust on behalf of which the Trust is entering into the Agreement, is hereby replaced in its entirety by Schedule C attached hereto.

  • Service Level Agreement Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Bank agrees to perform the custody services provided for under this Agreement in a manner that meets or exceeds any service levels as may be agreed upon by the parties from time to time in a written document that is executed by both parties on or after the date of this Agreement, unless that written document specifically states that it is not contractually binding. For the avoidance of doubt, Bank’s Service Directory shall not be deemed to be such a written document.

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