Letter of Sample Clauses

Letter of. Conditional Commitment means the letter from the Director of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs approving the Community Development Block Grant application and setting forth requirements which shall be satisfied prior to execution of the grant agreement.
Letter of. RE: ARTICLE The parties have spent considerable time in negotiations discussing excessive daily hours of work. The changes agreed to under Article reflect the intent of the parties to avoid workdays beyond twelve (12) hours if at all possible. It is the intention of the Company to maintain staffing levels so as to meet this goal and the union understands that from time to time it will be necessary to work beyond twelve (12) hours in order to complete a tour of duty and/or satisfy urgent customer requirements.
Letter of. UNDERSTANDING #4 44 RE: IT CO-OP STUDENT(S) •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 44 COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT: OKANAGAN REGIONAL LIBRARY and CUPE LOCAL 1123 January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2020 sl*cope491 Page v of v AGREEMENT BETWEEN: OKANAGAN REGIONAL LIBRARY (hereinafter called the "Employer") and CANADIAN UNION OF PUBLIC EMPLOYEES LOCAL 1 1 23 (hereinafter called the "Union")
Letter of. Appendix "A" ......................... COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE ONTARIO JOCKEY CLUB, a share incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario and head office the of Metropolitan Toronto called the "Employer") OF THE FIRST PART and SERVICE EMPLOYEES INTERNATIONAL UNION, LOCAL Group) (hereinafter called the "Union") OF THE SECOND PART
Letter of. During these negotiations, the parties at length the issue of drug and testing in the work place. In recent years, this been the subject of considerable public and a number of legal cases various The the debate and case in area is and it unclear such will be by the drug and laws for specific These laws recognize the of a number of the adverse effects of substance abuse the and the Prior to introduction such legislation in the drug testing work LETTER OF NO
Letter of. Reference Employer shall provide a letter of reference at the end of the first year and at the end of each subsequent year of employment. Surveillance Employer agrees to notify employee should workplace be under electronic surveillance. Surveillance shall not extend to bathrooms. LEGAL Employer understands that workers are protected by labor laws, regardless of race, gender, immigration status or age. Date ___________________ Signed by the Employer ___________________________ Name of Employer ____________________________ Signed by the Employee ___________________________ Name of Employee ____________________________ THE ABOVE AGREEMENT HAS BEEN AGREED TO BY THE PARTIES LISTED ABOVE ON THIS DAY_______________OF ___________, 20__. NOTE: Include copy of Insurance Card E MERGENCY CONTACT SHEET Parent 1 Name: Cell Phone: Address (cross street): Company of Employment: Work Phone: Name and Phone of work contact to find parent Name: Work Phone: Parent 2 Name: Cell Phone: Address (cross street): Company of Employment: Work Phone: Name and Phone of work contact to find parent Name: Work Phone: In case of emergency please call 9-11 and time permitting take child(ren) to: Hospital Pediatrician Name Address: (cross streets)______________ P National Poison Control 1-800-222-1222. ediatrician Phone # Pediatrician After Hours Phone # Child 1 Full Name: DOB: Allergies or other medical Conditions Medication taken regularly Child 2 Full Name: DOB: Allergies or other medical Conditions Medication taken regularly Local Contact (in case you need to leave children with someone) Name: Phone: Address:
Letter of. Part-Time Employees It is the Authority's intention, consistent with the incremental growth of the Authority's business, to utilize part-time employees on the basis of work requirements that do not warrant a position. It is further agreed that all provisions of this Collective Agreement shall apply to part-time employees. It is also agreed that part-time employees will not be utilized as Firefighters and that permanent vacancies shall not be filled by the use of part-timers. It is also agreed that there shall be no more one part-time employee per classification.
Letter of. Re: Article It is understood and agreed that for the period of this Contract the following shall apply to the scheduling of working hours for all staff model homes. Individual work schedules shall be established for each staff model home. Such work schedules shall be established on a cycle based on one week per each employee. The work schedule shall provide: the parties agree that we have an averaging Agreement over not more than four (4) weeks, for the purpose of Section of the Employment Standards Act; notwithstandingArticle hours will be averaged over four (4) weeks and some of the shifts will exceed eight (8) hours. All schedules should be reviewed by the Standards Committee at the request of the Union or the Employer; the maximum number of weekends off; the maximum number of hours off between shifts; SUPPLEMENTARY LETTER OF AGREEMENT RE: AVERAGING The February letter is hereby modified, such that the parties agree to Averaging over a period of up to six (6) consecutive weeks, and to provide this agreement as part of a request for approval by the Ministry of Labour for averaging hours of work for overtime pay purposes. The parties agree that the work week for Part of the Employment Standards Act is from Sunday to midnight Saturday for group homes designated by the Agency and the "work week" in other locations is Monday to Sunday midnight. This Agreement expires with the expiry of the collective agreement (Term: April I, to March 2009). SIGNED at London, Ontario this day of Re: Joint Representations The Employer and the Union have agreed that they will arrange, during the term of the present Collective Agreement, to work through their respective Associations, making joint representations to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, with respect to the allocation of funds of the Agency. is agreed that such representations will be made on a joint basis to Ministry Officials in order to show how the present funding practice raises difficulties in the collective bargaining process with respect to salaries and other cost items. SIGNED at London, Ontario this day Re: Access to Financial Information The Employer agreed during the course of negotiations to make available to the Union or a Committee of the Union any financial data pertaining to the operation of the Children's Aid Society of London and Middlesex, as it may need. FOR UNION: SIGNED at London, Ontario this day of SOCIETY: Re: Standard ion m Morale and Training Committee Advisory Committee It is u...