Letter of Sample Clauses

Letter of. RE: ARTICLE The parties have spent considerable time in negotiations discussing excessive daily hours of work. The changes agreed to under Article reflect the intent of the parties to avoid workdays beyond twelve (12) hours if at all possible. It is the intention of the Company to maintain staffing levels so as to meet this goal and the union understands that from time to time it will be necessary to work beyond twelve (12) hours in order to complete a tour of duty and/or satisfy urgent customer requirements.
Letter of. Conditional Commitment means the letter from the Director of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs approving the Community Development Block Grant application and setting forth requirements which shall be satisfied prior to execution of the grant agreement.
Letter of. September Re: Distribution of Production Overtime The parties agree that the entitlement to overtime will be as set out below: Non scheduled overtime will be offered to those who are at work in the department based on seniority, they can perform the work required. Scheduled overtime during the week within each department will be scheduled to allow the with the more senior employeesaccess to the overtime, providedit is consistent with the needs of the business. Weekend overtime be offered based on seniority within departments, provided individuals can perform the work required. For weekend overtime both day and night shift will be combined as a single department. Should there not be enough volunteers from within the department to satisfy the overtime requirements, then the remainingovertime shall be offered by seniority on a plant wide basis. The parties may mutually agree to amend the above steps.
Letter of. Acceptance
Letter of. Re: Article There shall be no grandfathering of Classification Seniority for Members who have already transferred from operating Class equipment to Class “A” equipment, except for those operators who have transferred into Class “A” equipment after March LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING The company commits to meet with the Association and develop an Incentive Program for Service Representatives. The potential for earnings in the plan will be consistent with the earnings detailed in the Operators’ Incentive (Article 7.08).
Letter of. Re: Article -Acting Rank Without prejudice or precedent, the parties agree to the following regarding Article Acting Rank: During the period in which the Assistant Director is receiving less the optimal rate for the position, the Assistant will receive an “acting rats” which is equivalent ‘to that of a Captain; In that the Assistant Director achieves the optimal salary rate for position, the Assistant Director will receive a salary for acting in the position of Director; The procedure for moving an Director into the position of Acting Director will be governed by Fire Emergency Services Policies Procedures (“Acting Time”). Yours truly, THE CITY OF on behalf of the Association: Letter CITY OF Corporation") before board on to the of parties' agrement, with the parties the board out its disposition of the the lack that the of for this January ' rates other to be slates. In accordance with the agreement ofthe parties, for Mechanic are to be adjusted, effective January to the 1‘ class Dental:A new for is to with insurance, and an of Out of Country Coverage: Coverage the Global Card The above new shall apply both current and and shall put in place by the within of of board’s award. parties in discussions up to and negotiations identified a of of of the of joint The able to work effectively ‘together, and the board would to see the of this agreement used to flesh out policies for. areas The board the of discussion of to for employees, and the to joint Modified Work The the Modified Work Programs and directs parties to a joint committee for the of discussing this issue. Point The is to standardize annual point allowance, as well to effect a of the present system’s point allocation against current apparel It also has a over some examples it has extracted of usage, and would to such over to the of a Joint Committee. The Association for its part also has identified issues, including the question of annual of unused board of a new joint review all issues with respect the agreement’s points system. Lat by the parties, joint is struck on subject of Automatic Aid by the parties, a joint is to be on the subject of With to all of the the provision apply included m the Each will of of the Corporation and the Association. subcommittee will endeavour to meet during working hours, with time to be in accordance Article The words “or designatearc to be inserted the words “Fire Chief’ as set out the various articles and of the brief. A new, general paragraph is to be added to t...
Letter of. The part-time in-lieu premium shall not apply to Overtime, Holiday Pay and Maternity Top Up calculations.