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Appendix H. Miscellaneous Compensation (2011-2013) Salaries for part-time teachers are governed by Article XIV 4.
Appendix H. Coordination of Benefits Requirements Appendix I: Material Subcontractor Checklist Appendix J: MMIS Interfaces Appendix K: Pharmacy Coverage for Dually Eligible Enrollees Appendix L: MassHealth Form for Certain Federally Required Disclosures Appendix M: [Reserved] Appendix N: Credentialing Websites Appendix O: [Reserved] Appendix P: MCO-Administered ACO Contract Specifications Appendix Q: Enrolling Providers Required Data Elements Appendix R: Service Areas Appendix S: [Reserved] Appendix T: Behavioral Health Outpatient and Certain Other Services Minimum Fee Schedule Appendix U: Requirements for ACO/MCO Behavioral Health Community Partner (BH CP) Agreements and Documented Processes Appendix V Requirements for ACO/MCO Long Term Services and Supports Community Partner (LTSS CP) Agreements and Documented Processes Appendix W: [Reserved] Appendix X: [Reserved] Appendix Y: [Reserved] Appendix Z: Directed Payments Related to COVID-19 Appendix AA Directed Payments Related to Certain HCBS Services and Certain Behavioral Health Services
Appendix H. CLASS CHARACTERISTICS FORM MARBLEHEAD PUBLIC SCHOOLS Teacher Observation Date School Grade/Subject

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  • Additionally, the WNTP Outreach Plan (Appendix H) describes the types of outreach to be conducted prior to and during construction as well as the type of signage that will be used at the sidewalk level.

  • A full time teacher who is required to travel between sites during his/her workday shall be paid a full-time traveling teacher stipend pursuant to Appendix H.

  • Members participating as part of the Local Professional Development Committee shall be paid at Level 12 on the Extra Curricular-Academic Supplemental Salary schedules (Appendix H).

  • Teachers will be paid the Academy Teaching Rate specified in Appendix H for each hour of instruction.

  • Refer to Article 25, Salaries and Appendix H, Education Grant Form.

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Appendix H. Special Education Caseload Management Review Form 93 Section 7.10 Appendix I: Professional Fund Allocation 94 Section 7.11 Appendix J: Special Services Program Definitions 95 1 Article I. ADMINISTRATION OF THE CONTRACT
Appendix H. ESE MODEL RUBRIC FOR TEACHERS January 2012 Rubrics – defined in the regulations as “scoring tool[s] that describe characteristics of practice or artifacts at different levels of performance” (603 CMR 35.02) – are a critical component of the Massachusetts educator evaluation framework and are required for every educator. Xxxxxxx are designed to help educators and evaluators (1) develop a consistent, shared understanding of what proficient performance looks like in practice, (2) develop a common terminology and structure to organize evidence, and (3) make informed professional judgments about formative and summative performance ratings on each Standard and overall. This appendix contains the ESE Model Teacher Xxxxxx.
Appendix H and “APPENDIX I” and the information contained under the caption “TAX MATTERS RELATING TO THE SERIES 2021A BONDS” AND “TAX MATTERS RELATING TO THE SERIES 2021B BONDS” as to which no view is expressed), as of the respective dates thereof, contained any untrue statement of a material fact or omitted to state any material fact necessary to make the statements therein, in the light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading. We express no opinion and make no comment with respect to the sufficiency of the security for the Bonds. This letter is furnished to you solely for your benefit and no other party is entitled to rely hereon without our written permission. Respectfully, EXHIBIT E CERTIFICATE TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND COMMUNITY AFFAIRS SINGLE FAMILY MORTGAGE REVENUE BONDS, 2021 SERIES A AND TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND COMMUNITY AFFAIRS SINGLE FAMILY MORTGAGE REVENUE REFUNDING BONDS, 2021 SERIES B (TAXABLE) Reference is hereby made to that certain Bond Purchase Agreement dated July , 2021 (the “Agreement”), among Barclays Capital Inc. (“Barclays”), acting on behalf of itself and Xxxxxxxxx LLC (“Jefferies”), X.X. Xxxxxx Securities LLC (“JPMS”), RBC Capital Markets, LLC (“RBCCM”), Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx & Co. LLC (“Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx”), Xxxxx Xxxxxxx & Co. (“Piper”) and Xxxxxxx & Co., Inc. (“Xxxxxxx”), and the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.
Appendix H means the provisions and limitations applicable to Members represented by the Galesburg Local #685, United Steelworkers of America. Prior to July 1, 1995, the Members covered by Appendix H were represented by Local #685, United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum and Plastic Workers of America. Effective April 10, 2011, accruals under Appendix H are frozen, as provided in the applicable Sections of this Doc. 3.
Appendix H. CONCERNS AND COMPLAINTS REGARDING SCHOOL PERSONNEL/POLICY FORM To: Human Resources From: Date: School: People involved: Please describe your concern including names, dates and times of concerns (please be detailed): Have you tried to remedy the situation? Yes/No If so, how?
Appendix H. XXXXXXX FRAME WORK AT A GLANCE 8 CRITERION APPENDIX I– XXXXXXX SUMMATIVE RATING COMPREHENSIVE AND FOCUSED APPENDIX J – FINAL EVALUATION FORM TEACHER: ASSIGNMENT: Kind Comp/FocusComp/FocusComp/Focus Type of Evaluation Annual: Choose KindChoose KindChoose Type: SCHOOL: Choose Location Choose Location Choose Location If Focused: N/AN/AN/A OBSERVATION DATES AND TIMES:_ APPRAISAL: Criterion 1: Expectations Score Rating Criterion 2: Instruction Score Rating Criterion 3: Differentiation + Student Growth Score Rating Student Growth 3.1: Student Growth 3.2: Criterion 4: Content Knowledge Score Criterion 5: Learning Environment Score Criterion 6: Assessment + Student Growth Score Rating Rating Rating Student Growth 6.1: Student Growth 6.2: Criterion 7: Families and Community Score Rating Criterion 8: Professional Practice + Student Growth Score Rating Student Growth 8.1: Total: Total: (Criterion Scale: 4 = Distinguished, 3 = Proficient, 2 = Basic, 1 = Unsatisfactory) FINAL SUMMATIVE SCORE/RATING: Choose RatingChoose RatingChoose Rating STUDENT GROWTH IMPACT RATING: Choose RatingChoose RatingChoose Rating STUDENT GROWTH INQUIRY? Yes/XxXxx/XxXxx/No Teacher Comments: My signature below indicates that I have seen this evaluation. It does not necessarily indicate agreement with the findings. I wish to have a meeting to discuss this evaluation. I do not desire a meeting to discuss this evaluation. Teacher Signature: Date: Supervisor: Choose oneChoose oneChoose one Signature: Date: APPENDIX K - GRIEVANCE REPORT FORM RITZVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT Grievance # Distribution of Form: Immediate Supervisor, Association, Grievant Name of Grievant Work Site Date Filed Step 1 A. Date Cause of Grievance Occurred B. 1. Statement of Grievance and Section of Contract Violated
Appendix H. YEARS OF EXPERIENCE PUYALLUP SCHOOL DISTRICT 1 Years of experience means the number of years of full-time and part-time professional education employment as of 2 August 31 prior to the current "snapshot" date. 4 Professional education experience is limited to the following [WAC 000-000-000]: