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Departmental Seniority is defined as the nurse's length of continuous employment within a State department since the last date of entry into the State department. Seniority is not accrued for time served in an emergency, provisional except as provided in E below, temporary or unclassified appointment.
Departmental Seniority is defined as length of continuous service with the department since the employee's most recent date of hire into a full time position. Seniority shall commence after the employee completes the probationary period hereinafter provided for, retroactive to date of commencement of last employment in a full time position. “Classification Seniority” will be defined as the total length of service in the Sergeant or Detective Sergeant classification. For bargaining unit employees in these classifications prior to January 1, 2003, “Classification Seniority” will include all continuous departmental service prior to that date. Any seniority lost under Article 11 will not be included in any seniority definition under this Article. “Law Enforcement Seniority” is defined as the length of continuous service with the department in a full time position in this unit or the Road Patrol Unit.
Departmental Seniority means the length of continuous service within the Windsor Fire Department from the date of an employee's initial appointment to the department.

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  • APPENDIX B Departmental Seniority Report‌ This list does not include vacant positions at the time of approval of contract.

  • This letter excludes those and contractors named in the Letter of Understanding, Re: Departmental Seniority.

  • Departmental Seniority shall be used in all cases involving reduction of personnel due to layoff and recall from layoff as provided below, demotion, or other legitimate causes.

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Departmental Seniority means the total employment computed for an employee beginning with the last date on which he was regularly and permanently appointed and has worked continuously, to and including the date of computation. Time during which an employee has served in the armed forces of the United States subsequent to May 1, 1940 shall be construed to mean continuous service and shall be included in the computation of his seniority. Total departmental seniority in the departmental service, including positions of any and all classes, or seniority in any one or more given classes, may be computed for an employee, but in either case employment shall be continuous and unbroken by a resignation or discharge of the respective employee. An employee who is finally discharged or resigns from his position shall forfeit all accumulated departmental seniority. An employee who is suspended and returns to his position immediately following the expiration of his suspension shall not forfeit his departmental seniority accumulated to the date of his suspension, but he shall not be given credit for the lost time at any future compensation.
Departmental Seniority means an employee's accredited service on a job classification to which he has been assigned in the Department in which he is then currently working.
Departmental Seniority means the employee’s uninterrupted length of continuous service as an employee of the Cambridge Police Department as computed from the employee’s most recent date of hire.
Departmental Seniority. Means the length of service in years, months and days in a department in the Upper Cape Cod Regional School District; provided, however, that a teacher shall be considered a member of a department for the purposes of this definition if the teacher has taught more than three (3) periods in a department for one school year immediately preceding the reduction in force. An employee covered by this Agreement shall retain departmental seniority in a department in which he/she served for a period not to exceed ten (10) years. (The purpose of the foregoing is to permit a teacher who is reduced from his/her present department to displace a teacher with lesser departmental seniority in the reduced teacher’s former department.)
Departmental Seniority means seniority within a particular department.
Departmental Seniority means the length of time an Employee has been continuously employed in a position within the Department of Nursing.