Eligible Employees Sample Clauses

Eligible Employees. Regular and probationary, full time and less than full-time employees (on a pro rata basis) are eligible to participate in this program. Sec. 903 COURSES ELIGIBLE: The following criteria will be used in determining eligibility for reimbursement:
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Eligible Employees. All Employees shall be Eligible Employees, except:
Eligible Employees. All Employees who are eligible will be insured based on the terms of the Union agreement with The City of Xxxxxxxx. XXX GIBLE DEPENDENTS Dependents (if applicable) include:
Eligible Employees. All Employees of the Employer shall be eligible to participate in this Plan except for Excludible Employees as defined under Section 2.02 of this Plan.
Eligible Employees. Solely for purposes of Non-Safe Harbor Matching Contribution # 3 , all Employees of the Employers indicated in paragraph (a) below are considered Eligible Employees unless otherwise indicated in paragraph (b) below.
Eligible Employees. All bargaining unit members will earn and be granted vacation. Part-time employees shall earn vacation on a prorated basis.
Eligible Employees. The definition of Eligible Employee under AA §3 is effective as follows:  A-2 Minimum age and service conditions. The minimum age and service conditions and Entry Date provisions specified in AA §4 are effective as follows:
Eligible Employees. Employees of Santa Xxxx County School Board who have worked for the Board for at least 12 months and have worked at least 1,250 hours during that time may be entitled to a total of 12 work weeks of leave during any 12-month period when leave is taken for one or more of the following circumstances;
Eligible Employees. An eligible employee is one who has worked in the District for at least twelve (12) months and 1,250 hours. Leave requested under 1.A or 1.B must begin and end within twelve (12) months of the birth or placement. Eligible employees may qualify for up to twelve (12) weeks leave in any twelve-month period under the requirements of this policy.
Eligible Employees. Any employee whose position is declared exempt under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act is eligible for administrative leave.