Service Area definition

Service Area means the geographic area approved by the commissioner within which an issuer is authorized to offer a Medicare Select policy.
Service Area means the area, as defined in a public service commission approved certificate of operation, within which an OLEC, such as Reseller, may offer resold local exchange telecommunications service.
Service Area means the geographic boundaries of the Franchise Authority, and shall include any additions thereto by annexation or other legal means, subject to the exception in subsection 6.1 hereto.

Examples of Service Area in a sentence

  • A6 Representation on the Committee shall include representa- tives from the Union and appropriate representatives from the Postal Service Area Office.

  • The Secondary Service Area (“SSA”) includes zip codes 33194, 33126, 33144, 33185, 33010, 33012, 33016, 33018, 33165, 33166, and 33175, which is the area from which approximately 25% of DMC's patients will be drawn.

  • The Academic Senate President (or designee), in consultation with the Area Xxxx or appropriate administrator and the Department Chairs, if any, will jointly define the Performance Review Service Area of the faculty to be evaluated; this is the area from which tenured faculty shall be selected to form the team for purposes of the review.

  • Such data will be used to determine whether residents of the Recipient’s Service Area are ade- quately served and to evaluate the im- pact of the CMF Award.

  • The purpose of the formation of the City of Batavia Special Service Area No. (SSA number) is to provide special municipal services to the Area in connection with the redevelopment of the property, including but not limited to a public parking facility and associated public improvements, including streetscape improvements and landscaping, all of which is pursuant to the terms of a certain Redevelopment Agreement (1 N.

More Definitions of Service Area

Service Area means the present municipal boundaries of the Franchising Authority, and shall include any additions thereto by annexation or other legal means.
Service Area means a broad geographic area of the Commonwealth in which a health insurance
Service Area means the geographic area, e.g., Major Trading Area, Basic Trading Area, Metropolitan Service Area, Geographic Service Area, and Rural Service Area, served by the cellular system within which Carrier is licensed to provide service.
Service Area means any area designed to be or regularly used by one or more persons to receive or wait to receive a service, enter a public place, or make a transaction, whether or not such service includes the exchange of money, including, for example, ATMs, bank teller windows, telephones, ticket lines, bus stops, waiting rooms, and cab stands.
Service Area means the geographic area or areas where a specific product is issued, accepts members or enrollees, and covers provided services. A service area must be defined by the county or counties included unless, for good cause, the commissioner permits limitation of a service area by zip code. Good cause includes geo- graphic barriers within a service area, or other conditions that make offering coverage throughout an entire county unreasonable.
Service Area means the geographic area within which the PHP or CCO agreed under contract with the Authority to provide health services.
Service Area means the State and districts for which this RFP is applicable;