Right to Review Sample Clauses

Right to Review. This contractor is subject to review by any federal or state auditor. The Countyshall have the right to review and monitor the financial and service components of this program by whatever means are deemed expedient by the County Project Manager. Such review may occur with or without notice, and may include, but is not limited to, on-site inspection by County agents or employees, inspection of all records or other materials which the County deems pertinent to the Agreement and its performance, and any and all communications with or evaluations by service recipients under this Agreement. The Contractor shall preserve and maintain all financial records and records relating to the performance of work under this Agreement for six (6) years after contract termination, and shall make them available for such review, within Cowlitz County, State of Washington, upon request, during reasonable business hours.
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Right to Review. After receiving written notice of the denial of a claim, a claimant or his representative shall be entitled to:
Right to Review. The Company delivered this Agreement, containing the release language set forth in Sections 5 and 6, to Executive on April 30, 2020 (the “Notification Date”), and hereby informs Executive that it desires that Executive have adequate time and opportunity to review and understand the consequences of entering into it. The Company advises Executive as follows: (a) Executive should consult with Executive’s attorney prior to executing this Agreement; and (b) Executive has 45 days from the Notification Date within which to consider it. Executive must return an executed copy of this Agreement to the Company on or before the 46th day following the Notification Date. Executive acknowledges and understands that Executive is not required to use the entire 45-day review period and may execute and return this Agreement at any time before the 46th day following the Notification Date, BUT IN NO EVENT SHALL EXECUTIVE EXECUTE OR RETURN THIS AGREEMENT BEFORE THE SEPARATION DATE. If, however, Executive does not execute and return an executed copy of this Agreement on or before the 46th day following the Notification Date, this Agreement shall become null and void, and Executive’s employment shall terminate as of the Separation Date nevertheless. This executed Agreement shall be returned to: Ed Sitar, Chief Financial Officer, 9 Meters Biopharma, Inc., 8480 Honeycutt Road, Suite 120, Raleigh, NC 27615, or Email at: esitar@innovatebiopharma.com.
Right to Review. Buyer and Supplier each shall have the --------------- right to review during normal business hours the relevant books and records of the other Party to confirm the accuracy of such as it pertains to transactions under this Agreement. The review shall be consistent with standard business practices and shall follow reasonable notice to the other Party. Reasonable notice for a review of the previous month's records shall be at least a twenty-four (24) hour period from a Business Day to a subsequent Business Day. If a review is requested of other than the previous month's records, then notice of that request shall be provided with a minimum of seven (7) calendar days written notice by the requesting Party. The notice shall specify the period to be covered by the review. The Party providing records can make reasonable requests that the receiving Party keep the records confidential, and the receiving Party shall take reasonable steps to accommodate such requests.
Right to Review. Customer shall, at its cost and expense, have the right exercisable on a Quarterly basis upon ten (10) days' notice to Flextronics during Flextronics' normal business hours to review Flextronics' books and records relating to BOM Value and Materials costs and, for new products being considered for manufacture under this Agreement pursuant to Section 7.1, Labor Cost and Non-Labor Overhead, for the purpose of confirming those costs and the pricing methodology for the Products and all fees or charges payable. If Customer identifies any issues or concerns related to such costs and the determination hereunder of any price or fee, Customer shall provide a statement to Flextronics setting out in reasonable detail the nature of such issues or concerns. The Parties shall attempt to resolve the matters in dispute in a timely manner and make such adjustments, if any, to any price or fee as may be required. For certainty, Customer acknowledges and agrees that any right to review under this Section 12.9 may be limited by and is subject to any confidentiality obligations that Flextronics may have to its other customers.
Right to Review. Executive agrees that he/she has been given at least twenty-one (21) days after the receipt of this Separation Agreement and Release to consider its terms and decide whether or not to sign it, but that he/she can freely and knowingly waive the twenty-one (21) day period and execute the Agreement before the end of the twenty-one (21) day period, the effect of which is to begin the running of the seven (7) day period described below.
Right to Review. Holdings shall provide or cause to be provided any Tax Return (or portion or excerpt thereof relating exclusively to New A&B or its Subsidiaries) to be filed by Holdings on behalf of New A&B pursuant to Holdings’ provision of Tax Services at least ten (10) business days prior to the due date of such Tax Return, including extensions. New A&B shall have the right to comment on any such Tax Return (or portion or excerpt thereof, as applicable), and Holdings shall reasonably consider New A&B’s comments. Any disagreement regarding the content of such a Tax Return shall be resolved as set forth in Section 2.4(b).