Temporary Employees Sample Clauses

Temporary Employees. Employees may be hired for a specified term, not to exceed six (6) months, to replace an employee on leave or to perform a special non-recurring task. This term may be extended a further six (6) months on mutual agreement of the Union, employee and Hospital. The period of employment of such persons will not exceed the absentee's leave. The release or discharge of such persons shall not be the subject of a grievance or arbitration. This clause would not preclude such employees from using the job posting provision under the Collective Agreement and any successful applicant who has completed his probation period will be credited with the appropriate seniority. The Hospital will outline to employees selected to fill such temporary vacancies and the Union, the circumstances giving rise to the vacancy, and the special conditions relating to such employment.
Temporary Employees. 3.3.1 A temporary employee is an employee who is hired for short-term work assignment which is not ongoing (i.e. normally 12 months or less and not extending beyond 24 months). The employee's benefits and working conditions are as per Article 34 (Temporary Employees).
Temporary Employees. (a) A Temporary Employee shall be covered by the terms of this Collective Agreement, except that a Temporary Employee shall have no rights under Article 15: Layoff and Recall.
Temporary Employees. (a) The Employer agrees to utilize temporary employees in accordance with ORS 240.309. Grievances alleging violations of ORS 240.309 may be submitted only by the Union, directly to the Department of Administrative Services level for full and final review.
Temporary Employees. For less than one year's accumulated service: Entitled to a cash vacation allowance of four percent (4%) of all accumulated wages.
Temporary Employees. Temporary employees shall receive pay and conditions of service equivalent to that of permanent employees.
Temporary Employees. A temporary employee is one who is engaged for a specific project or for a limited period with a definite understanding that employment will terminate upon completion of the project or at the end of the period. Temporary employment is expected to continue for not more than twelve (12) months. A temporary employee may be either full-time or part-time.
Temporary Employees. Without prejudice to Article 10.2 (scheduling of vacations), a temporary employee shall be one hired for the replacement of regular employees on vacation or for the replacement of regular employees on sick leave for more than five working days or for a special project or for work in connection with entertainment contests and similar enterprises or for collecting and filing election returns or who are employed for similar and transient and occasional purposes, in such cases not to exceed six months in any 12 month period. The Company shall have the right also to hire temporary employees to replace regular employees on leaves of absence or long term disability or modified work programs and in such cases the term of employment shall not exceed two years. The Company shall have the right also to hire temporary employees, at the applicable experience rating, to work as interns in the Editorial Department, one of whom may be a copy editor and one of whom may be a photographer, the remainder of who will be reporters. In such cases the term of employment shall not exceed 12 months within any 24-month period. It is agreed there shall be no more than 6 interns on staff at one time. The Company will undertake to develop and implement an orientation and training program for all interns. Temporary employees shall not be covered by the provisions of Articles 11.1 (sick leave and benefit programs), 13 (Severance Pay), 16.1 (Leaves of Absence) and 17 (Military Service) of this Agreement except that temporary employees whose term of employment exceeds six (6) months shall be covered by all of the benefits provided under 11.1 except Long Term Disability (basic or additional employee paid) after completing six (6) months of employment. Priority to be hired for such occasional full-time work may be given to regular part-time employees, subject to ability and qualifications, before new employees are hired. Temporary employees shall be paid an hourly rate consistent with the minimum salary provided for their classification, status and experience.
Temporary Employees. (a) A temporary employee is one who is hired to: