Respond to Sample Clauses

Respond to inquiries from the public The WCD will respond to inquiries from the public regarding the BMP Program. The WCD will provide responses to the public regarding general program information, program eligibility, best management practice information, and general watershed information. The WCD will respond to initial inquiries about general topics and water quality issues as part of the standard WCD programs and not charged under this contract. The WCD will respond to specific inquiries regarding the Cost-Share Program under this agreement. In responding, the WCD will not exercise discretionary authority on behalf of the WD, will refer questions to WD staff as appropriate, and will keep WD staff reasonably advised of its public communications.
Respond to. If your firm feels they have the ability to supply the above, please contact Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxx County Procurement Management @
Respond to contexts that shape practice 1. Assess the quality of clients’ interactions within their social contexts;
Respond to a. Financial press, as authorized. b.

Related to Respond to

  • Response If the State fails to respond to a grievance within the time limits specified for that step, the grievant shall have the right to appeal to the next step.

  • Responding to the Contractor’s requests for information that are not prepared in accordance with the Contract Documents or where such information is available to the Contractor from a careful study and comparison of the Contract Documents, field conditions, other Owner-provided information, Contractor-prepared coordination drawings, or prior Project correspondence or documentation;

  • Response to Notice Within ten business days of receiving the Claim Notice, the Respondent must notify the Claimant of its representative to negotiate the dispute.

  • Resubmission If terminated, resolved or withdrawn, a grievance cannot be resubmitted.

  • Review The ASEAN Economic Ministers and the Minister of the Ministry of Commerce of China or their designated representatives shall meet within a year from the date of entry into force of this Agreement and then biennially or otherwise as appropriate to review this Agreement for the purpose of considering further measures to liberalise trade in services as well as to develop disciplines and negotiate agreements on matters referred to in Article 15 or any other relevant matters as may be agreed.

  • Answer Within twenty (20) days after receipt of the Complaint, each respondent shall serve on the BCBSA and on the complaining party (or parties) and on the Chairman of the Mediation Committee;

  • Provide Information Except as set forth in Section 16, Parent, SpinCo and Acquiror shall keep each other reasonably informed with respect to any material development relating to the matters subject to this Agreement.

  • Response to Demand Letter Within 10 days after the receipt of the Demand Letter, AmeriCare shall either: (a) cure the breach to OIG’s satisfaction and pay the applicable Stipulated Penalties or (b) request a hearing before an HHS administrative‌ law judge (ALJ) to dispute OIG’s determination of noncompliance, pursuant to the agreed upon provisions set forth below in Section X.E. In the event AmeriCare elects to request an ALJ hearing, the Stipulated Penalties shall continue to accrue until AmeriCare cures, to OIG’s satisfaction, the alleged breach in dispute. Failure to respond to the Demand Letter in one of these two manners within the allowed time period shall be considered a material breach of this CIA and shall be grounds for exclusion under Section X.D.

  • Review Process A/E's Work Product will be reviewed by County under its applicable technical requirements and procedures, as follows: