Term of Agreement definition

Term of Agreement shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Article 2 of this Agreement;
Term of Agreement means the term of this Agreement as specified in Section 9.01 hereof.
Term of Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.1 hereof.

Examples of Term of Agreement in a sentence

  • Section 1: Term of Agreement This Agreement shall be in effect from midnight April 30, 2003 to midnight April 30, 2008, and thereafter from year to year subject to the conditions as set out in Sections 2 to 5 which follow hereunder.

  • The parties have agreed that the applicable terms and conditions of employment contained in the Northland Polytechnic Ltd and the Tertiary Institutes Allied Staff Association (TIASA), Allied Staff Members Collective Employment Agreement effective 1 April 2020 and expired on 31 March 2022, shall continue unaltered, save for the following provisions: Term of Agreement This Agreement comes into effect on 1st November 2022 and expires on 31st December 2022.

  • Term of Agreement and Renewals The Agreement with TIPS is for approximately five (5) years.

  • EFFECTIVE DATE, TERM AND TERMINATION 17 2.1 Effective Date 17 2.2 Term of Agreement 17 2.3 Termination Procedures 17 2.3.1 Written Notice 17 2.3.2 Default 17 2.3.3 Suspension of Work 17 2.3.4 ..........................................................................................................

  • CAC funds for this grant may not be used to support activities, programs or services outside of the following Grant Period (Grant Term of Agreement): October 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017.

More Definitions of Term of Agreement

Term of Agreement means the period commencing on the Start Date and ending on the End Date (or earlier termination of this Agreement);
Term of Agreement means the figure set out in Column 2 of Item 18, of Schedule 1;
Term of Agreement means the duration of the leasehold interest created hereby as specified in Section 9.01 hereof.
Term of Agreement means the period specified in Section 2.
Term of Agreement means an initial period commencing on the date hereof and ending 18 months after the date hereof; provided, however, that commencing on the date that is 12 months after the date hereof, and on each annual anniversary of such date (such date and each annual anniversary thereof shall be hereinafter referred to as the “Renewal Date”), the Term of Agreement shall be automatically extended so as to terminate 18 months from such Renewal Date, unless prior to the Renewal Date the Company gives notice to the Executive that the Term of Agreement shall not be so extended.
Term of Agreement means the period from the date of this Agreement until the earlier of the time when (i) all amounts payable under the Loan, including interest and costs, have been repaid in full, cancelled or converted into equity under this Agreement and the Loan Notes Agreement, or (ii) the Danish State has transferred all Notes and has thus ceased to be creditor of all or part of the Loan.
Term of Agreement means the period from the Effective Date until this Agreement is terminated or otherwise expires pursuant to Article IX hereof.