The System Sample Clauses

The System. The System is composed of elements, as designated from time to time by Licensor, designed to identify "Homewood Suites hotels" to the consuming public and/or to contribute to such identification and its association with quality standards. The System at present includes the service xxxx "Homewood Suites" and such other service marks and such copyrights, trademarks and similar property rights as may be designated from time to time by Licensor to be part of the System; access to a reservation service; distribution of advertising, publicity and other marketing programs and materials; the furnishing of training programs and materials, standards, specifications and policies for construction, furnishing, operation, appearance and service of the Hotel, and other requirements as stated or referred to in this Agreement and from time to time in the Manual (as defined herein) or in other communications to Licensee; and programs for inspecting the Hotel and consulting with Licensee. Licensor may add elements to the System or modify, alter or delete elements of the System (including the trade name and/or brand name of the Hotel) at its sole discretion from time to time. Licensee is only authorized to use "Homewood Suites" service marks and trademarks at or in connection with the Hotel.
The System. 4.1 The Service Provider shall provide the System substantially in accordance with Appendix A and, subject to Clause 4.6 and Clause 8, any other relevant technical standards notified by any Competent Authority to the Service Provider or to the Client from time to time) and if applicable, in accordance with the Roll Out Plan.
The System. Fund acknowledges that State Street has developed proprietary accounting and other systems, and has acquired licenses for other such systems, which it utilizes in conjunction with the services that it provides to Fund (the "Systems"). In this regard, State Street maintains certain information in databases under its control and ownership that it makes available on a remote basis to its customers (the "Remote Access Services").
The System. We will control and establish requirements for all aspects of the System. We may, in our discretion, change, delete from or add to the System, including any of the Marks or System Standards, in response to changing market conditions. We may, in our discretion, permit deviations from System Standards, based on local conditions and our assessment of the circumstances.
The System. Section 2.1 The-Business of the Owner. The existing business of the Owner is to acquire, construct, own and operate cable television systems to service the city of C and surrounding areas in the Republic of Poland. The business of the Owner includes the construction and development and promotion of the System in the Republic of Poland, the purchase of equipment, supplies, and other goods and materials for the System, the evaluation and acquisition of cable television systems, the operation and maintenance of the Systems and managing personnel needed to carry out its business goals and objectives and all other functions relating to the successful operation of a cable television system. The activities as described in this Section are referred to below as the "Business of the Owner".
The System. 5.1 Title and Risk
The System. A. SYSTEM PROFILE The Ituran real-time positioning system with two-way messaging is a solution, for commercial applications such as: o fleet management and monitoring o cargo tracking o remote data collection o personnel monitoring as well as for emergency and security challenges including: o stolen vehicle recovery o emergency and medical distress o roadside assistance and other applications. Ituran uses a terrestrial network of base stations to effectively track and communicate with mobile objects of any type. In addition to the Vehicular location units that support the above applications, Personal location units support such applications as locating children and Alzheimer patients, and tracking employees and emergency personnel. Similar equipment may be used to track parcels and packages. The sophisticated, proprietary algorithms developed for Ituran ensure accurate positioning readings not only in open areas, but also in locations covered by foliage or blocked by tall buildings. As opposed to GPS based systems, Ituran supports reliable coverage even indoors, at home and in the office. Ituran's proven, state-of-the-art spread spectrum technology, derived from challenging military applications, guarantees maximum immunity to electromagnetic disturbances and maximum reliability even within dense urban environments. Unlike GPS/cellular-based technology, Ituran is the only available technology that will withstand the intentional jamming of the in-vehicle equipment, which will definitely be exercised by thieves ones the spread of location-based security systems will be widen.
The System. As used in this Agreement, the term "System" shall mean CD4I's "Hermes Surgical Equipment Control System," as more fully described on Schedule B attached hereto, and modifications and improvements thereof hereafter developed by CMI or in which CMI has any rights.
The System. Seller shall have upgraded the cable plant of the ---------- System, including all drop materials, to 450 MHz bandwidth capacity in compliance with any applicable Legal Requirements and shall ensure that each Basic Subscriber and Bulk Unit will have the capacity to receive all programming services capable of being delivered by the System without additional capital costs to Buyer (other than costs for converter equipment to upgrade a basic tier-only Subscriber to the expanded tier, or to offer Pay-Per-View events).