Guides & Checklists

Employment Agreement Fundamentals

Targeted to companies who are hiring, this ebook shares tips for drafting useful and effective employment agreements.

Is Your Arbitration Clause Complete?

How do you know you drafted an effective arbitration clause? Download this ebook for a helpful checklist.

Drafting Enforceable Arbitration Clauses

Arbitration is a great option for those who want to resolve issues out of court. But how do you ensure your arbitration clause is enforceable?

Contracts from the Beginning

Set a strong foundation for your next contract with this thorough ebook on Term Sheets.

Commercial Lease Terms to Protect Your Small Business Client

Drafting equitable commercial leases requires careful attention to both landlord and tenant. This ebook has a handy checklist that can help.

How to Draft a Website's Data-Use Policies

This Ebook will help you draft optimal data-use policies that comply with evolving digital law.

E-signatures: No Pen or Paper Required

Our latest Ebook explains signature law in the digital age.

How to Make Contracts of Adhesion Less Adhesive

The ABCs of NDAs

A non-disclosure agreement might seem like a simple promise of confidentiality between two parties, but there’s a lot more to these contracts. This ebook can take the guesswork out of your next NDA.

Drafting Considerations for a Notice Clause

A contract is only as strong as the notice clause ensuring it gets received and read. Check out these tips to conquer this important but often overlooked part of every contract.

Mastering Your Contract Roadmap

Force Majeure Clauses for a Post-COVID-19 World

Although interest in force majeure clauses has definitely picked up among executives and decision makers, lawyers are still split on best practices.

Building Blocks of Representations and Warranties

A good contract is built on honesty and mutual assurance. Still, it can be hard to know what to disclose up front, and even harder to know how much coverage should be offered to the buyer.

Revise or Replace?

A bad contract can waste everyone’s time, but when is a contract bad enough to toss out the window?

How to Draft Better Indemnity Clauses eBook

Beyond Boilerplate eBook

10 Common Drafting Mistakes eBook

International Arbitration eBook

The Deconstruction of Joint, Several, and Joint & Several Liability Clauses

The 10 Rules of Contract Redlining

12 Practical Tips on How to Negotiate Contracts

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