PER DAY Sample Clauses

PER DAY. RETURN THE REQUEST FORM TO THE PAYROLL DEPARTMENT FOR PROCESSING. Using more than 4 consecutive Personal days is contingent on approval of Principal/Supervisor.
PER DAY. Only 2 days may be purchased each year. The employee must fill out the Personal Leave Request Form, sign it and have their Principal/Supervisor approve the leave and sign the form. Return the Personal Leave Request Form to the payroll department. The deduction will be taken the month the leave is used. Those who do not turn in an approved form for extra personal leave taken, or who have already taken their Extra Personal Leave allotment will be charged Loss of Pay at their normal daily rate. Extra Personal Leave Purchase Request AND SALARY REDUCTION FORM THOSE WHO HAVE USED THEIR AVAILABLE PERSONAL LEAVE MAY PURCHASE TWO (2) ADDITIONAL PERSONAL LEAVE DAYS EACH YEAR THROUGH A SALARY REDUCTION OF
PER DAY. If the telescope is not returned within two weeks of its due date, I will be charged the full replacement costs below.  LIABILITY: I accept full responsibility for the telescope and accessories while checked out to me, including: - I am liable for repair costs if the telescope is returned damaged. - I am liable for replacement costs (outlined below) if the telescope is lost or stolen while checked out to me. - Any costs incurred will be added to my library record, will constitute a debt owed to the Limerick Public Library and must be paid in full. REPLACEMENTS COSTS Telescope, finder, lens, eyepiece & S/H $275 (Total $325) Pouch $ 20 Headlamp (Red & White light) $ 10 Laminated User Guide $ 10 Audubon Constellation Guide $ 10  Children under age 18 must be supervised by an adult while using the telescope. CAUTION—DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN WHILE USING THE TELESCOPE; DOING THIS CAN BLIND THE USER. THE LIBRARY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES A PATRON INFLICTS UPON ONE- SELF OR THE TELESCOPE. Initial Here*: Borrower Signature*: Date: *To be signed in front of Limerick Public Library staff member Maine State Drivers License No: Telescope barcode:
PER DAY. Day employees & 8 hour Shift Employees - 8.0 hours 12 hour Shift Employees - 12.0 hours
PER DAY. Two (2)times the regular straight time hourly rate of pay shall be paid for hours worked in excess of twelve (12)hours on any one (1)day.
PER DAY. Day Employees Shift Employees Janitor II Employees Day Employees Shift Employees Average Hours Per Week All Employees Note: For purposes of accounting “day” shall mean a twenty-four
PER DAY. For each day that Tenant fails to remit the estoppel certificate, commencing on the fifth (5th) business day after Tenant’s receipt of the Second Estoppel Notice, Tenant shall pay a late fee of One Hundred Dollars ($100) per day until the day on which Tenant remits the estoppel certificate as set forth herein. Furthermore, Tenant shall be liable to Landlord for any and all damages caused by Tenant’s delinquency which results from Tenant’s failure to execute such estoppel certificate.
PER DAY. The liquidated damages agreed to are the result of a good faith effort by Owner and Contractor to estimate the amount of damages Owner will suffer and in no event are to be viewed as a penalty. Contractor shall be obligated to promptly pay Owner upon demand by Owner the sum of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) for each Day of delay until the actual date of Substantial Completion. In addition to its rights to maintain an action against Contractor for such liquidated damages, Owner shall have the right from time to time, by set-off, to an amount equal to the liquidated damages against any amount due on the Contract Sum provided herein by an amount equal to the liquidated damages accumulated to the date of said demand by Owner and thereafter as may be subsequently accrued.
PER DAY. We are happy to dispense a new bag of fluids to use while your pet is here if needed. All medications must be in clearly labeled containers with the pet’s name, medication name, and dosing instructions. We cannot give medication that has been pre-mixed in food as there is no way to ensure proper administration or ingestion. MEDICAL CONDITIONS: Medication: Medication: Directions: Directions:
PER DAY. On a day where straight time and overtime hours are worked, only straight time hours shall apply. Room and Board hours not to exceed fifty-six (56) hours per week.