Personal Vehicle Sample Clauses

Personal Vehicle. Use of personal vehicle will be reimbursed at the current rate/mile set by Commissioners’ Court. Mileage should be calculated using the County office location of the traveler and the event location. Mileage may not be calculated using the traveler’s home. Mileage should be calculated using an employees vehicle odometer reading or by a readily available online mapping service for travel out of Fort Bend County. If using the mileage of an online mapping service, state which mapping service was used or provide a printout of your route detailing the mileage. For local travel, odometer readings or mapping service details are not required. Departments should develop a mileage guide for employees for local travel points, if a department does not have a mileage guide, the Auditor’s Office will determine if the mileage listed is reasonable. Allowable expenses: Parking and tolls with documentation. County Vehicle: Fuel purchases when using a County vehicle should be made with the County Procurement card if available. Original receipts will accompany the Procurement Card statement but a copy must be provided with the travel reimbursement request. Allowable expenses: Parking and tolls with documentation required. Airfare: Airfare is reimbursable at the lowest available rate based on 14 day advance purchase of a discounted coach/economy full-service seat based on the required arrival time for the event. The payment confirmation and itinerary must be presented with the travel reimbursement form. The traveler will be responsible for the excess charges of an airline ticket purchase other than a coach/economy seat. When using Southwest Airlines a traveler should choose the “wanna get away” flight category. Allowable Expenses: Bag fees. Fare changes are allowable if business related or due to family emergency. Unallowable Expenses/Fees: Trip insurance, Early Bird Check In, Front of the line, Leg Room, Fare changes for personal reasons. Rental Car: Rental cars are limited to the negotiated TPASS rates listed at: xxxx://xxx.xxxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/procurement/prog/stmp/stmp-rental-car-contract/vendor- comparison/. The contact information for Avis is listed here: xxxx://xxx.xxxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/procurement/prog/stmp/stmp-rental-car-contract/Avis/. The contact information for Enterprise is listed here: xxxx://xxx.xxxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/procurement/prog/stmp/stmp-rental-car- contract/Enterprise/. When making a reservation traveler should provide the County’s agency # C0790. The traveler wi...
Personal Vehicle. All non-field employees shall follow the commuter offset requirement as outlined in the Office of Budget and Management’s (OBM)
Personal Vehicle. 1 If in the opinion of the employer it would be impossible or inefficient to make the business trip with public transport, the employer may grant the employee permission to use his own motor vehicle. The employee shall be reimbursed the maximum tax-free mileage allowance per kilometre. The employee shall receive an allowance of 0.28 per kilometre for travel expenses. Kilometres for commuting and for business trips may be swapped so that the unused tax-free kilometres for commuting can be set off against the taxed portion of the allowance for business trips.
Personal Vehicle. 20.1 No member shall be required to use a personal automobile in the performance of his duty.
Personal Vehicle. If the Agency requires an employee to use his/her personal vehicle, the Agency shall reimburse the employee with a mileage allowance of not less than thirty ($.30) cents but if the Internal Revenue Service’s rate is reduced to an amount lower than thirty ($.30) cents, the rate will be set at the Internal Revenue Service’s rate. If an employee uses a motorcycle, he/she will be reimbursed no less than ten and one-half ($.105) cents per mile.
Personal Vehicle. An employee who is authorized by Company to use his/her personal vehicle in connection with his/her duties shall be entitled the maximum non-taxable vehicle mileage allowance allowed by the I.R.S., except that an employee covered under Standard Practice 552.3 will receive reimbursement as provided therein. However, the application of the DMA shall not be reduced without agreement with Union. (Amended 1-1-00)
Personal Vehicle. 14.01 An employee is not required to own, supply or use his personal vehicle for the purposes of the Employer's business. Refusal by an Employee to use his personal vehicle on Employer's business will not be just cause for dismissal or discipline.
Personal Vehicle. 16.3.1 Whenever an employee is authorized by the Company to use his/her personal vehicle, a mileage allowance for all miles so driven shall be paid in accordance with the I.R.S standard mileage rate that is in effect at the actual time of travel.
Personal Vehicle. Employees shall not be required to furnish the use of an automobile or other conveyance to transport men, com- pany tools, equipment or material to the job. This provision shall not restrict the use of such convey- ances at the employee’s own decision to use such vehicle or to use such vehicle to carry company hand drills or ex- tension cords.
Personal Vehicle. When an employee is required to use his/her own personal vehicle in the performance of assigned tasks, he/she shall be compensated at a per mile rate established by the Board.