Personal use definition

Personal use means for the private use of the individual
Personal use means use for Health Purposes by You, provided You are not an Organisation or working under instructions to use the Work from an Organisation.
Personal use means for the private use of the individual taking the fish or shellfish and not for sale or barter.

Examples of Personal use in a sentence

  • Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no Included Program shall be transmitted or exhibited to any person other than a Customer within the Territory in the medium of VOD, DHE or SVOD, or transmitted other than by Authorized Delivery Means in an Approved Format to Approved Devices on the Licensed Service for a Personal Use, subject at all times to the Usage Rules.

More Definitions of Personal use

Personal use means the personal, private viewing of a program and shall not include non-theatrical exhibition, any viewing or exhibition for which (or in a venue in which) an admission, access or viewing fee is charged, or any other public exhibition or viewing.
Personal use means Milk that you produce that is used by you for personal consumption at the Farm(s) or to feed calves at the Farm(s). Poor Quality Milk means Milk that fails to comply with the law, Food Safety Standards, or is Grade 6 Milk.
Personal use means beer, wine, and/or cider that is produced and used by a customer, provided as a gift, or served to another person.
Personal use any use or activity not directly related to the users’ employment, study or purpose
Personal use in paragraph 10.5 means ongoing personal use by the candidate or the individual, not use for commercial purposes, or other purposes such as by a political party prior to or after the election.
Personal use means a use that primarily furthers individual or family purposes not connected with the performance of duties or activities as a candidate for or holder of a public office. Id. § 253.035(d).
Personal use means the private, non-commercial viewing by one or more persons on the conventional television set or monitor associated with an Approved Device in non-public locations and, provided that the consumer’s use of Approved Devices in such locations is personal and non-commercial, in public locations; provided, however, that any such viewing for which a premises access fee or other admission charge is imposed (other than any fee related only to access such non-residential venue for other general purposes) or any such viewing that is on a monitor provided by such non-residential venue (or by a third party under any agreement or arrangement with such non-residential venue) shall not constitute a “Personal Use.”