Service Level Agreement definition

Service Level Agreement or “SLA” : the service levels for the Cloud Service as set out in the then current document(s) made available by Us as “Service Level Agreement for Celonis Software-as-a-Service Offerings” on the Celonis website (under xxxxx://

Examples of Service Level Agreement in a sentence

  • The acceptance of this Service Level Agreement is subject to the approval by the Council of the Municipality.

  • A clear support structure, Service Level Agreement timelines for both response and call resolution as well as a clear escalation matrix must be provided.

  • Service Level Agreement for Premium BellSouth Metro Ethernet ServiceBellSouth Metro Ethernet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) specify the Company’s repair and performance commitments for CNM - Metro Ethernet Reporting customers.

  • Implement the Service Level Agreement and levy penalties in case of deficiencies in performance.

  • Service Level Agreement for Premium Metro Ethernet Service (Cont’d) d.

More Definitions of Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement or “Service Level Objective” means the then-current version of Dell’s performance commitments for the APEX Service. If applicable, these will be provided in the Service Offering Description.
Service Level Agreement means all service level agreements that we offer with respect to the Services and post on the AWS Site, as they may be updated by us from time to time. The service level agreements we offer with respect to the Services are located at xxxxx:// (and any successor or related locations designated by AWS), as may be updated by AWS from time to time.
Service Level Agreement or "SLA" means the service level agreement at relating to the Virtual Network section that describes the service levels to be met by Vaioni Group Limited together with the remedies available to the Customer for failure to meet such service levels;
Service Level Agreement. (SLA) shall mean the Service Level Agreement entered into between the LIC HOUSING FINANCE LTD. and the successful bidder.
Service Level Agreement means the procedural and operational requirements for a Service as agreed between the Parties.