Security Systems definition

Security Systems shall have such meaning as is set forth in Clause 15(a) of this Agreement.
Security Systems mean conditional access delivery and content protection and security systems and related physical security and operational procedures.
Security Systems means video surveillance equipment; two-way radio systems; inspection tour recording systems; security alarm systems; access control systems (pedestrian and vehicular); and other special security systems required for the Project.

Examples of Security Systems in a sentence

  • This agreement is primarily for utilization of Electronic Technology Systems Center technical and contract resources for Utility Monitoring and Control Systems (UMCS), Fire Alarm Systems (FAS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, and Electronic Security Systems (ESS).

  • The Master Contract scope also includes IT services-based support of National Security Systems, as defined in FAR 39.002.

  • Per the Committee on National Security Systems publication XXXXX-15, AES with 256-bit key-length is sufficiently secure to encrypt classified data up to TOP SECRET classification for the U.S. Government.

More Definitions of Security Systems

Security Systems has the meaning set forth in Section 15.3.1 herein.
Security Systems has the meaning given to it in Part G (Glossary) of Schedule 12 (Design Specifications).
Security Systems means closed circuit television camera monitoring system, two-way radio system, and other special security systems required for the Project.
Security Systems means such form of close circuit television system or other security systems (if any) which the Landlord or the Management Company may from time to time at their reasonable discretion provide;
Security Systems has the meaning set forth in Section 9.01.
Security Systems shall have the meaning set forth in paragraph 3(g) hereof.
Security Systems. If you have an alarm system you may need to make arrangements with the security company for a code and password specifically for me to use. Insurance: Contact your insurance company to let them know you will have a house sitter moving into your home. Contact information: Please leave contact information so I can stay in touch while you're away. Emergency contact: You may want to ask someone such as a friend, neighbour or relative etc to act as a nominated contact person for me to liaise with your absence Rubbish collection & recycling services: Make a note of which days your rubbish and recycling is collected.