Minimum Time Sample Clauses

Minimum Time. 19.01 An employee ordered to report to work during his regular workweek, Monday to Friday, and who so reports at the specified time shall receive a minimum of eight (8) hours work or if eight (8) hours work is furnished, a minimum of eight (8) hours pay at the straight time rate, unless the employee quits, voluntarily lays off or is suspended or discharged prior to the completion of eight (8) hours work.
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Minimum Time. Payment will not be made unless the excess time is more than:
Minimum Time. Any employee called back to work in an emergency in a time outside of his/her regularly scheduled hours shall be provided a minimum of two (2) hours work at a pay rate of time and one-half. Call time between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. or on a holiday shall be compensated at the rate of double the employee’s regular hourly rate. In either event, if call time overlaps the employee’s regularly scheduled work hours, the employee shall be paid at straight time rates for the regularly scheduled hours. An attempt will be made to distribute call time evenly within job classifications; however, the employer reserves the right to call time.
Minimum Time. Sick leave shall be utilized in one-quarter (1/4) hour blocks of time.
Minimum Time. Drivers taking activity runs will be paid a minimum of two (2) hours.
Minimum Time. 1. All regular runs (including the time spent on pre-trip) shall be entitled to a minimum pay of one (1) hour’s straight time at the applicable rate.
Minimum Time. A formal observation shall consist of not less than twenty (20) minutes focused on some or all of the evaluation criteria and indicators.
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Minimum Time. The employer will make a good faith effort to schedule employees for not fewer than four (4) hours per day. When the district has unassigned hours that become available for distribution, qualified employees with less than four (4) hours per day will be given preference if their schedule will accommodate the additional hours and school district operation efficiency will not be disrupted.
Minimum Time. All details shall have a four (4) hour minimum. If a detail is canceled without at least two (2) hours’ notice, the police officer shall receive a minimum of four (4) hours pay. If a police officer who has been assigned to a private or special detail fails to give at least four (4) hours’ notice that he/she will not be present for detail, it shall have the same effect on the detail roster as if he/she had served the detail.
Minimum Time. An employee who is called in and required to work outside his regular working hours shall be paid for a minimum of two (2) hours at overtime rates. An employee who is requested to return to work after his regular working hours shall be paid a minimum of two (2) hours at overtime rates. PRACTICE Rights not specifically mentioned:
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