Computer Hardware Sample Clauses

Computer Hardware. Any computer hardware being delivered in accordance with this agreement is being delivered with the manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, and General Code shall have no obligation or liability under “Warranties; Limitations” or otherwise with respect to hardware.
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Computer Hardware. ‌ The Contractor will provide all computer hardware such as computers, monitors, printers, etc. for its personnel in quantities that will ensure timely completion of all tasks. The Contractor must provide all network connectivity required to perform these tasks. Court networks will not be available for this purpose.
Computer Hardware. 1. All hardware purchases must go through the District Technology Department.
Computer Hardware. The Franchisee will, at its sole expense, purchase the computer hardware and peripherals, including printers, monitors, modems and networking equipment (the "Computer Equipment") that will serve as, or integrate with, the Franchisee's point-of-sale cash register. All Computer Equipment must meet the standards and specifications established by Elephant & Castle and must be compatible with the software described in Article 13.4. The Franchisee will update the Computer Equipment as may from time to time be required by Elephant & Castle. The Franchisee will purchase a maintenance agreement for on-site maintenance of the Franchisee's point-of-sale cash register. ELEPHANT & CASTLE INTERNATIONAL, INC. 15 GTM/RCA 032999 FRANCHISE AGREEMENT F-92 426304 9
Computer Hardware. 6.2.1 Sufficient hardware capability must be available to run efficiently the above software packages and to conduct a major study that could require substantial project storage.
Computer Hardware. Any computer software or hardware owned by third parties;
Computer Hardware. All computers and computer hardware.
Computer Hardware. Customer may install the System on any computer hardware that meets the minimum requirements specified in Schedule 2.1(a).
Computer Hardware. All the Sellers computer equipment and hardware relating to or utilized by the Businesses, including all central processing units, terminals, disk drives, tape drives, printers, keyboards, monitors, peripherals, routers, modems and all other equipment and parts that are used in the Sellers' or their respective Subsidiaries' computer systems, as listed on Schedule 2.1(a)(xvi) (collectively, the "COMPUTER HARDWARE").
Computer Hardware. Section 2.01 - Option Section 2.02 - Sale of Computer Section 2.03 - Location Section 2.04 - Installation Section 2.05 - Acceptance of Computer Section 2.06 - Risk of Loss of Computer Section 2.07 - Maintenance ARTICLE III - PAYMENT Section 3.01 - Price Section 3.02 - License Fee Section 3.03 - Costs Section 3.04 - Invoicing and Payment Section 3.05 - Taxes