ATTACHMENT A Sample Clauses

ATTACHMENT A. Equity Funds This document is an attachment to the Participant Agreement with respect to the procedures to be used by (i) the Distributor and the Transfer Agent in processing an order for the creation of Shares, (ii) the Distributor and the Transfer Agent in processing a request for the redemption of Shares and (iii) the Participant and the Transfer Agent in delivering or arranging for the delivery of requisite cash payments, Portfolio Deposits or Shares, as the case may be, in connection with the submission of orders for creation or requests for redemption. The Participant is first required to have signed the Participant Agreement. Upon acceptance of the Participant Agreement by the Distributor and the Transfer Agent, the Transfer Agent will assign a PIN Number to each Authorized Person authorized to act for the Participant. This will allow the Participant through its Authorized Person(s) to place an order with respect to Shares.
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ATTACHMENT A. Adult Probation Arts Commission Asian Art Museum Airport Commission Board of Appeals Board of Supervisors Office of Economic & Workforce Development California Academy of Sciences Child Support Services Children, Youth and Their Families City Attorney’s Office City Planning Department Civil Service Commission Commission on the Status of Women Department of Building Inspection Department of Environment Department of Elections Department of Homelessness Department of Human Resources Department of Police Accountability Department of Technology District Attorney’s Office Ethics Commission Fine Arts Museum Fire Department (Non-Sworn) General Services Agency Health Service System Human Rights Commission Juvenile Probation Department Library Mayor’s Office Office of the Assessor-Recorder Office of the Controller Office of the Treasurer/Tax Collector Port of San Francisco Public Defender’s Office Rent Arbitration Board SF Children and Families Commission SF Employees’ Retirement System War Memorial & Performing Arts ATTACHMENT B Airport Municipal Transportation Agency Department of Emergency Management Public Utilities Commission Department of Public Health Recreation & Parks Department
ATTACHMENT A. Tasks The Consultant shall provide the services and deliverables set forth in this Attachment A. The Consultant shall provide all services and deliverables required by this Attachment A to the satisfaction of the City’s contract manager.
ATTACHMENT A. Statement of Work, is hereby revised and restated in its entirety with Attachment A: Revised Statement of Work (Revised May 2021).
ATTACHMENT A. (a) Attachment A to this Amendment shall be added as Attachment A to the Note Purchase Agreement.
ATTACHMENT A. In any case of inconsistency or contradiction, the terms of the Administrator’s Contract shall control.
ATTACHMENT A. The following list contains a representative (but not comprehensive) list of CMS information systems to which the Data Use Attestation applies. CMS will update the list periodically as necessary to reflect changes in the agency's information systems Automated Plan Payment System (APPS) Common Medicare Environment (CME) Common Working File (CWF) Coordination of Benefits Contractor (COBC) Drug Data Processing System (DDPS) Electronic Correspondence Referral System (ECRS) Enrollment Database (EDB) Financial Accounting and Control System (FACS) Front End Risk Adjustment System (FERAS) Health Plan Management System (HPMS), including Complaints Tracking and all other modules HI Master Record (HIMR) Individuals Authorized Access to CMS Computer Services (IACS) Integrated User Interface (IUI) Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug System (XXXx) Medicare Appeals System (MAS) Medicare Beneficiary Database (MBD) Payment Reconciliation System (PRS) Premium Withholding System (PWS) Prescription Drug Event Front End System (PDFS) Retiree Drug System (RDS) Risk Adjustments Processing Systems (RAPS) This document has been electronically signed by: XXXXXX XXXX Contracting Official Name 8/29/2013 4:20:05 PM Date WELLCARE OF FLORIDA, INC. Organization 0000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx TAMPA, FL 33634 Address H1032 SIGNATURE ATTESTATION Contract ID: H1032 Contract Name: WELLCARE OF FLORIDA, INC I understand that by signing and dating this form, I am acknowledging that I am an authorized representative of the above named organization and that I am the contracting official associated with the user ID used to log on to the Health Plan Management System (HPMS) to sign the 2014 Medicare contracting documents. I also acknowledge that in accordance with the HPMS Rule of Behavior, sharing user IDs is strictly prohibited. This document has been electronically signed by: XXXXXX XXXX Contracting Official Name 8/29/2013 4:20:05 PM Date WELLCARE OF FLORIDA, INC. Organization 0000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx TAMPA, FL 33634 Address
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ATTACHMENT A. Service Level Agreement This Service Level Agreement ("SLA") applies to implementations of Services being hosted through Tealium’s content delivery network service provider ("Delivery Network"). The SLA applies to the uptime levels of the Delivery Network for the purpose of serving Tealium JavaScript files ("Libraries").
ATTACHMENT A. Securities Law Representations The Participant, by executing this Agreement, hereby makes the following representations to the Company and acknowledges that the Company’s reliance on federal, state and foreign securities law exemptions from registration and qualification is predicated, in substantial part, upon the accuracy of these representations:
ATTACHMENT A. REQUIRED ATTACHMENTS CHECKLIST A complete Offer package will consist of the items identified below. Complete this checklist to confirm the items in your Offer. Place a check mark or “X” next to each item that you are submitting to the State. For your Offer to be responsive, all required attachments must be submitted. This completed checklist shall be included as part of the Offer package. Required Attachments Checklist Offer/Offeror Certification Sheet Rate Sheet4 Bidder Declaration Form, GSPD-05-105 California Civil Rights Law Attachment Payee Data Record, STD 204 Payee Data Record, STD 205 Contractor Qualifications to do Business in California (Secretary of State print out) Commercially Useful Function Declaration (required only for SB/DVBE) If applicable, attach Small Business/Disabled Veteran Enterprise Certification(s) Proposed Personnel References
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