Appendix F definition

Appendix F. Transfer Amount specified in Clause 11.3
Appendix F. Approximate Cost of A $10,000 Contribution” is revised to update the information as of January 31, 2021. CHANGES TO THE PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The Program Description is revised as follows: Changes to Choosing a Unit Class
Appendix F. Approximate Cost of A $10,000 Contribution” is revised to update the information as of January 31, 2021.

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  • Amenities shall be prescribed as provided in Appendix F of this Agreement.

  • Billings and payments shall be sent to the addresses set out in Appendix F hereto.

  • Employee representatives shall have access to industrial relations training in accordance with Appendix F hereof.

  • Moreover, if the Participant relocates outside of the United States, Appendix E will apply to him or her and/or if the Participant relocates to one of the countries included in Appendix F, the additional terms and conditions for such country will apply to him or her, to the extent the Company determines that the application of such terms and conditions is necessary or advisable for legal or administrative reasons.

  • Any notice or request required or permitted to be given by a Party to the other Parties and not required by this Agreement to be given in writing may be so given by telephone, facsimile or email to the telephone numbers and email addresses set out in Appendix F hereto.

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Appendix F means Appendix F: Supplemental Environmental Project, attached to and incorporated into this Consent Decree.
Appendix F. Format for confirmation/release of the Project [by the State of Israel] Date:_________ To: BioLine Innovations Jerusalem Limited Partnership Dear Sir or Madam: Re: Confirmation of repayment of the State loan for the “_____________________” project In keeping with clause 12.3 of the agreement signed between us on _____________ (hereinafter: “the Incubator Agreement”), we hereby confirm as follows:
Appendix F. Coaches & Advisors (2004-2006) Appendix G: Summer School (2004-2006)
Appendix F. FACULTY LOAD CREDIT (FLC) ALLOCATION LECTURE ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE‌ Definitions: A composition class is defined as any standard English composition (expository) course at the first-semester, transfer English composition level or above, or composition courses, included integrated writing and reading courses, one level below which are prerequisite to the first-semester, transfer English composition level. English Composition Classes: With 20 students maximum per class 1.00 FLC per hour With four composition classes assigned and 26 students maximum per class at census 1.25 FLCs per hour All Other Lecture Hours: All other lecture hours 1.00 FLC hour INSTRUCTIONAL ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE Counselor Load Counselor load to FLC conversion: Every 6 hours of counselor load time per week equals 3 FLC. Every 2 hours of counselor load time per week equals 1 FLC. For further information, please see Appendix D Counseling 33 students per FLC Librarian Service, College Nurse, Reassigned Time .40 FLC per hour Cooperative Education Student Coordination 8.3 students per FLC Hourly rate 1 hour at special rate 5-9 students 2 hours at special rate 10-14 students 3 hours at special rate 15-19 students 4 hours at special rate, etc. 20-24 students Journalism College Newspaper Advisor 3 FLCs per semester Student Magazine Advisor 2 FLCs per semester of production Coaching Water Polo 7.5 FLCs Track 9.0 FLCs Soccer 8.0 FLCs Softball 9.0 FLCs X-Country 7.5 FLCs Baseball 9.0 FLCs Volleyball 7.5 FLCs Tennis 7.5 FLCs Basketball 9.0 FLCs Golf 7.5 FLCs Wrestling 8.0 FLCs Swimming 7.5 FLCs Football Head Coach 9.0 FLCs Football Asst. Coach 7.5 FLCs The FLC for the various athletic coaching assignments were determined as a means of compensating for athletic activities having different lengths of season, different numbers of games played during a season, the number of students to be supervised, the requirements for faculty supervision, the nature of the sport, and the different requirements for student supervision during normally declared college vacation and semester break periods.
Appendix F. PUBLIC SAFETY VIOLATION ENFORCEMENT Example: Name of Tribe- WDFW Public Safety Violation Enforcement Protocols The following protocols shall govern WDFW enforcement of the state public safety laws and regulations set forth below against members of the Tribe for public safety violations. These protocols, however, shall not affect the rights of WDFW or the Tribe to enforce any other public safety laws or regulations not specifically set forth below, nor shall it grant any additional rights. These protocols shall be the only action taken to enforce the following public safety laws and regulations:
Appendix F means the provisions and limitations applicable to Members represented by the Polyflex IUE-CWA Local 83766 (prior to January 1, 2004, Local #766 – International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers). Effective December 31, 2009, accruals under Appendix F are frozen, as provided in the applicable Sections of this Doc. 3.
Appendix F. South Essex Parking Partnership Provisions Financial Provisions