Starting Time Sample Clauses

Starting Time is the time that employees present themselves at their work- station and not the time that employees are in the amenities or in the car park.
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Starting Time. The starting time shall be determined on an operational basis and the employees shall be made aware of the established starting time for their unit. The established starting time for the unit shall be strictly enforced in accordance with Division Rules.
Starting Time. The Employer will establish a regular starting time; except that it shall be understood that when the job conditions at the site of the work or when economical considerations warrant, other hours of starting time may be established by mutual agreement between the Employer and the Union. With respect to concrete paving, concrete pouring, asphalt paving, and road oiling, the starting time of work shall be mutually arranged to fit the job conditions. Service and maintenance personnel may be started prior to regular shifts at the straight time rate.
Starting Time. To the degree possible, the starting time for classes in elementary schools and other special schools serving elementary level students shall not be later than 8:15 a.m.
Starting Time. Regular starting times shall be established for each operation. Except in emergencies, shift starting times shall not be changed prior to discussing the new starting times with the Union Representative and providing at least five (5) working daysnotice to affected employees. A building principal may adjust the starting time for the Building Plant Operator (BPO) at their school up to two (2) hours provided the employee is notified of the change prior to the end of the previous shift whenever possible.
Starting Time. Each employee shall be prepared to begin work on time as scheduled.
Starting Time. The parties reaffirm their policy of a fair day’s work for a fair day’s wage. There shall be no pay for time not worked unless the employee is otherwise engaged at the direction of the Contractor. Employees shall be at their place of work at the Starting Time and shall remain at their place of work (as designated by the Contractor) performing their assigned functions until quitting time. The place of work shall be defined as the gang or tool box, or equipment at the employee’s assigned work location or the place where the xxxxxxx gives instructions.
Starting Time. Each Employee shall be ready for work at the change shack at the time fixed for the commencement of his shift and shall proceed directly to his station of work. If men are required to return tools to the place of storage, they shall be given reasonable time during working hours at the end of the shift to do this work.
Starting Time. The starting time shall be determined on an operational basis and the Police Officer shall be made aware of the established starting time for the operation he is assigned to. 2129.48 Quitting Time Police Officers will be furnished an ample amount of time to take all measures necessary in connection with the shift change.
Starting Time. Employees ordered to report at the Employer’s shop or other place of business before going to the job site shall be deemed to work from the time of so reporting.