APPENDIX H Sample Clauses

APPENDIX H. Appendix H, Contractor’s Insurance Requirements, attached hereto, is hereby expressly made a part of this Contract as fully as if set forth at length herein. The Contractor shall maintain in force at all times during the terms of the resultant Contract, policies of insurance pursuant to the requirements outlined in Appendix H – Contractor’s Insurance Requirements.
APPENDIX H. Class Level Voluntary Total Operating Expense Limitations For purposes of this Appendix:
APPENDIX H. ANCILLARY STAFF-applicable to positions and individuals not covered by the Michigan Teacher Tenure Act (Previous Articles from the 2011- 2013 Contract)
APPENDIX H. JOB SHARE APPLICATION and submit the attached proposal as application to share a full-time (1.0 FTE) position at . This proposal includes provisions addressing: (School)
APPENDIX H. List of Non-Applicable Pro-Forma LGIA Provisions Transmission Owner and Interconnection Customer are already interconnected, pursuant to a previous interconnection agreement. Therefore, certain terms of the pro-forma NYISO LGIA are not applicable to this LGIA, because they relate solely to new interconnections. The parties to this LGIA have nevertheless agreed to use the pro-forma NYISO LGIA with almost no modifications, in accordance with FERC policy promoting the use of pro-forma interconnection agreements wherever possible. The parties, however, believe that the following provisions of the pro-forma NYISO LGIA are not applicable to the current LGIA:
APPENDIX H. Upon request of the Association, the City agrees to meet with the Association regarding an on- boarding checklist of documents for departments to provide to new hires, transfers, and promoted employees represented by the Association at the time of appointment. The parties will attempt to agree on the checklist no later than January 31, 2020, with an implementation date no later than March 1, 2020. Appendix I SIDE LETTER AGREEMENT TO THE COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO AND THE MUNICIPAL EXECUTIVES’ ASSOCIATION
APPENDIX H. Personal Leave Cash-out must be turned into the District by the last school day of the year.
APPENDIX H. 27.1.4. The Contractor hereby warrants that it is performing this Agreement as an independent contractor. Likewise, the parties warrant that nothing contained in this Agreement and/or its terms will be construed as creating and/or being any partnership, joint venture, and/or agency relationship between the parties.
APPENDIX H. DRESS CODE The Governing Board believes that District staff serves as role models and should maintain professional standards for dress and grooming. The Board encourages staff during school hours to wear clothing demonstrating a high regard for education and presents an image consistent with their job responsibilities.