One Week Sample Clauses

One Week. Except if, on the 1 July 2019 you have had at least 28 years continuous service then it will be two weeks.
One Week. A vacation of one (1) week shall be granted with pay to all employees covered by this Agreement who have worked for the Employer for a period of one year or more.
One Week. Employees with more than one (1) year but less than five (5) years of continuous employment as of their anniversary date, shall receive a vacation of one (1) week, with vacation pay computed on the basis of two percent (2%) of their earnings as hereinafter defined.
One Week. Unsafe Use: If at any time the Food Service Department determines that Borrower has engaged in an unsafe or hazardous use of the blender bike, the FSD may immediately terminate the loan. Reservation: This form must be emailed or faxed (see below) within 2 weeks of event. For availability, see our calendar posted on the Food Service page. Date and time of bike delivered: Date and time of bike picked up: Location to drop off: Location to pick up: Food Items: Food items may be purchased from the Food Service Department. Food items included for smoothies: 5# Vanilla Yogurt 9 cups of assorted fruit 2 quarts of low-fat milk 1 % $25.00 – Approximately 50 3 oz servings Submit Purchase Order number: or check to: Buffalo Food Service Department Borrower has read and understands all the terms, conditions and rules set forth above, and agrees to all terms without reservation. Borrower’s signature: Date: Print Name: _ 0000 Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, XX 00000 000-000-0000/000-000-0000 Fax: 000-000-0000
One Week. Each employee, who has continuous service of one (1) year but less than two (2) years as of December 31 shall be eligible for one (1) week's vacation with pay.
One Week 

Related to One Week

  • Work Week The work week for full-time regulars shall be forty (40) hours per week, eight (8) hours per day within ten (10) consecutive hours, provided, however, that in all offices with more than 100 full-time employees in the bargaining units the normal work week for full-time regular employees will be forty hours per week, eight hours per day within nine (9) consecutive hours. Shorter work weeks will, however, exist as needed for part-time regulars.

  • Regular Work Week The Sheriff shall determine the work schedule for employees in his/her department. Unless agreed upon by the Association and the City as set forth below under the heading “Alternate Work Schedule”, a regular workweek is a tour of duty of five (5) consecutive days within a seven (7) day period. A regular workweek is a tour of duty of five (5) consecutive days within a seven (7) day period. However, employees who are moving from one shift or one work schedule to another may be required to work in excess of five (5) working days in conjunction with changes in their work shifts or schedules.

  • Weeks Any leave of absence for maternity, paternity or adoption that results from the birth or adoption of a child(ren) that is medically necessary as evidenced by an attending physician’s statement is covered by the sick leave provisions of this Agreement. The attending physician’s statement shall be submitted to the District concerning the medical circumstances that require the leave. Employees may access their earned sick leave during parenting leave up to twelve (12) weeks or the time specified by their physician. Leaves to care for children in excess of twelve (12) weeks that are not medically necessary may qualify as personal leaves of absence.

  • School Calendar The Dual Credit course schedule will be determined by the location of the course delivery, provided that the required contact hours and prerequisites are met. The instructional calendar for the high school portion of the School will be based on the School District calendar and comply with all related TEA regulations for school attendance. The School District will adjust its schedule as necessary to enable Students to enroll in and attend the college- level courses provided by College. The School District and College will coordinate the State Student assessment requirements to ensure said assessments are administered without penalty. The School District, School and College will ensure that the School calendar accounts for the required per-semester contact hours for courses. When the instructional delivery is on the College site, it may be necessary for Students to attend classes on days when the School District is closed (e.g., different holiday closures). When Students take classes at the College scheduled on days when School is closed, the School District will ensure that at least one staff member with administrative authority be on call and available to be reached by the College’s Office of High School Programs or other College staff in case of emergency. The designated School staff member will have access to Student emergency contact information. While the College agrees to make scheduling accommodations for required State assessments, including the STAAR and End of Course Exams, all contact hour requirements must be met. For assessments not mandated by the State, the College and School District will come to a mutual agreement on administration dates in order to appropriately manage disruptions of college courses and ensure contact hour requirements are met.

  • Open Enrollment Period Open Enrollment is a period of time each year when you and your eligible dependents, if family coverage is offered, may enroll for healthcare coverage or make changes to your existing healthcare coverage. The effective date will be on the first day of your employer’s plan year. Special Enrollment Period A Special Enrollment Period is a time outside the yearly Open Enrollment Period when you can sign up for health coverage. You and your eligible dependents may enroll for coverage through a Special Enrollment Period by providing required enrollment information within thirty (30) days of the following events: • you get married, the coverage effective is the first day of the month following your marriage. • you have a child born to the family, the coverage effective date is the date of birth. • you have a child placed for adoption with your family, the coverage effective date is the date of placement. Special note about enrolling your newborn child: You must notify your employer of the birth of a newborn child and pay the required premium within thirty -one (31) days of the date of birth. Otherwise, the newborn will not be covered beyond the thirty -one (31) day period. This plan does not cover services for a newborn child who remains hospitalized after thirty-one (31) days and has not been enrolled in this plan. If you are enrolled in an Individual Plan when your child is born, the coverage for thirty- one (31) days described above means your plan becomes a Family Plan for as long as your child is covered. Applicable Family Plan deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket expenses may apply. In addition, if you lose coverage from another plan, you may enroll or add your eligible dependents for coverage through a Special Enrollment Period by providing required enrollment information within thirty (30) days following the date you lost coverage. Coverage will begin on the first day of the month following the date your coverage under the other plan ended. In order to be eligible, the loss of coverage must be the result of: • legal separation or divorce; • death of the covered policy holder; • termination of employment or reduction in the number of hours of employment; • the covered policy holder becomes entitled to Medicare; • loss of dependent child status under the plan; • employer contributions to such coverage are being terminated; • COBRA benefits are exhausted; or • your employer is undergoing Chapter 11 proceedings. You are also eligible for a Special Enrollment Period if you and/or your eligible dependent lose eligibility for Medicaid or a Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), or if you and/or your eligible dependent become eligible for premium assistance for Medicaid or a (CHIP). In order to enroll, you must provide required information within sixty (60) days following the change in eligibility. Coverage will begin on the first day of the month following our receipt of your application. In addition, you may be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period if you provide required information within thirty (30) days of one of the following events: • you or your dependent lose minimum essential coverage (unless that loss of coverage is due to non-payment of premium or your voluntary termination of coverage); • you adequately demonstrate to us that another health plan substantially violated a material provision of its contract with you; • you make a permanent move to Rhode Island: or • your enrollment or non-enrollment in a qualified health plan is unintentional, inadvertent, or erroneous and is the result of error, misrepresentation, or inaction by us or an agent of HSRI or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

  • consecutive months If the Employer extends an individual employee’s trial service period, the Employer will provide the employee with written reasons for the extension. Employees in an in-training appointment will follow the provisions outlined in Subsection 4.3 E.

  • Paid Holidays – Long Weekends (a) When an employee is scheduled to work a weekend where a paid holiday falls on the Monday or the Friday, the Employer shall endeavour to also schedule the employee to work the paid holiday.

  • Month A period commencing at 10:00 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, on the first Day of a calendar month and extending until 10:00 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, on the first Day of the next succeeding calendar month. Monthly shall have the correlative meaning.

  • Work Day/Work Week The Company does not guarantee to provide work for any employee, nor to maintain the work week or working hours presently in force.

  • ALTERNATE SCHOOL CALENDAR 1. In this article, an alternative school calendar is a school calendar that differs from the standard school calendar as specified in Schedule 1 (Supplement) of the School Calendar Regulation 114/02.