Grievance Procedure definition

Grievance Procedure is used in this Agreement, it shall be considered as including the arbitration procedure.
Grievance Procedure means an organized process by which managed care enrollees may express dissatisfaction with care, goods, services, or benefits received under the program in which they are enrolled and the resolution of these dissatisfactions.
Grievance Procedure means the procedures set out in this clause;

Examples of Grievance Procedure in a sentence

  • A student who is dismissed by a clinical site will have an opportunity to appeal this decision through the College’s Student Grievance Procedure.

  • The section(s) of this Agreement which are alleged to have been violated shall be set out in the written record of the grievance and is subject to change up to and including the third step of the Grievance Procedure.

  • When it is necessary, pursuant to the Grievance Procedure, for a Building Representative, member of the Professional Practices Rights and Responsibilities Committee or other representative designated by the Association to investigate a grievance or attend a grievance hearing or meeting, he shall be released without loss of pay as necessary in order to permit participation in the foregoing activities.

  • Performance evaluations shall not be subject to Article 7, Grievance Procedure, unless the grievant alleges the terms of this Agreement have been violated, misinterpreted, or misapplied.

  • The substantive content and overall evaluation rating are not subject to Article 7, Grievance Procedure.

More Definitions of Grievance Procedure

Grievance Procedure means the process through which certain working conditions, discipline, or dismissal of a UW System university staff member with an expectation of continued employment can be appealed.
Grievance Procedure means the procedures set out in this Division;
Grievance Procedure means the method by which inmates may formally address complaints to the facility administration.
Grievance Procedure means an established set of rules that specify a process for appeal of an organizational decision.
Grievance Procedure means the procedures set out in this division; “party to a disputeincludes a person:
Grievance Procedure means the procedures set out in this Rule17;