Grievance Procedure definition

Grievance Procedure is used in this Agreement, it shall be considered as including the arbitration procedure.
Grievance Procedure means the procedures set out in this clause;
Grievance Procedure means the procedures set out in this Division; “party to a dispute” includes a person

Examples of Grievance Procedure in a sentence

  • A copy of the council’s Disciplinary Procedure and Grievance Procedure will be issued to all new employees at the council’s Induction Course.

  • Grievance Procedure Manual (“GPM”) § 5.8. A preponderance of the evidence is evidence which shows that what is sought to be proved is more probable than not.

  • No matter may be submitted to arbitration which has not been properly carried through all requisite steps of the Grievance Procedure.

  • If the matter is not remedied, and you are an employee, you should raise it formally using our Grievance Procedure.

  • If the problem cannot be resolved in this manner, you still have the right to submit a written request for the complaint to be reviewed through the Formal Grievance Procedure, as outlined below.

More Definitions of Grievance Procedure

Grievance Procedure means an organized process by which managed care enrollees may express dissatisfaction with care, goods, services, or benefits received under the program in which they are enrolled and the resolution of these dissatisfactions.
Grievance Procedure means the procedures set out in this Division;
Grievance Procedure means the process through which certain working conditions, discipline, or dismissal of a UW System university staff member with an expectation of continued employment can be appealed.
Grievance Procedure means an established set of rules that specify a process for appeal of an organizational decision.
Grievance Procedure including the authority of the SLC. The Executive Board agrees to review submitted PLA terms as soon as possible and within 30 days of receipt from the Employer. PLA terms may be reviewed at any time, including during the pre-bid process.
Grievance Procedure means the method by which inmates may formally address complaints to the facility administration.
Grievance Procedure means the formalized process mandated by § 40.1-24.5-8 to