Appendix B definition

Appendix B means the appendix to this document setting out key specifications of the Seller's Facility
Appendix B means Appendix B to 10 C.F.R. §§ 20.1001 to 20.2402, inclusive .
Appendix B means Appendix B to this Agreement, which is hereby incorporated herein and made a part hereof. Appendix B describes the performance factor and goals with respect to the Relative Performance Units.

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  • Xxxx Price Health Sciences Portfolio EQ/Ultra Conservative Strategy Portfolio EQ/Value Equity Portfolio EQ/Wellington Energy Portfolio Equitable Conservative Growth MF/ETF Portfolio Equitable Growth MF/ETF Portfolio Equitable Moderate Growth MF/ETF Portfolio Multimanager Aggressive Equity Portfolio Multimanager Core Bond Portfolio Multimanager Technology Portfolio APPENDIX B AMENDMENT NO.

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Appendix B. The Trial Personnel Clearance
Appendix B means the Complaint Protocol, attached to and forming part of the Code.
Appendix B means Appendices B-1 through B-3; “Appendix N” means Appendices N-1 through N-6;
Appendix B. 8: Unit Adjunct Teaching Faculty II Job Description sUMMARY Unit adjunct teaching faculty II provide instruction aligned with the college’s strategic goals and evaluate students’ progress to facilitate achievement of their educational goals. In addition to the job description, faculty members teaching in grant supported programs are required to adhere and to comply with all provisions, qualifications, policies, and procedures set forth in the grant. In the event that the grant require- ments contradict or add to the job description, the requirements of the grant will take precedence. this provision shall not be used to shift administrative responsibilities to the faculty member. Further, the Vice President of teaching, Learning and student Development agrees to meet and discuss grant requirements with the Association President and/or Association representatives. JoB tAsKs/eLeMents Deliver Instruction
Appendix B means Appendix B to 10 C.F.R. §§ 20.1001 to 20.2402, inclusive, as those provisions existed on [January 1, 1993.] October 13, 1999.
Appendix B means an attachment to the Plan containing the names of those Members, surviving spouses, contingent annuitants and beneficiaries for whom supplemental benefits are provided, and the amount thereof.