APPLIES TO Sample Clauses

APPLIES TO. This Article applies to all full-time permanent Employees who have completed one full year of continuous service and are no longer on probation.
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APPLIES TO. FULL TIME NURSES ONLY) 20.01 (a) The Employer shall pay the full premium cost of the following plans for all full- time nurses:
APPLIES TO. All Lines of Business Both Network and Non-Network Providers (unless stated otherwise in provider’s contract) POLICY: Company will reimburse services provided at a birthing center on a global basis. A birthing center is a freestanding or institution-affiliated outpatient maternity care program which principally provides a planned course of outpatient prenatal care and outpatient childbirth service limited to low-risk pregnancies; excludes care for high-risk pregnancies; limits childbirth to the use of natural childbirth procedures; and provides immediate newborn care. Birthing centers must be licensed by the State of Oregon Health Division.
APPLIES TO. This procedure applies to all employees, contractors, work experience students and visitors whilst working at or visiting the site.
APPLIES TO i. All full-time employees are eligible for all benefits in this Article.
APPLIES TO. All users of the airport. RELATED DOCUMENTS: Airport users wishing to rent PAC hardstand parking or PAC hangarage should refer to the applicable Rental Agreements for more information, see Appendix 1 & 2. Airport users who purchase an existing or new privately owned hangar are required to complete the Airfield Access Licence Agreement – Private Operations form, see Appendix 3. DEFINITIONS: Aircraft – Refers to all aircraft Business Fees – relates to maintenance and sales organisations on the airport Usage Fees – Airport Usage & Maintenance Fees are applicable to aircraft owners who have an airworthy aircraft stored at the Tyabb Airport or on abutting properties. Hangarage Fees – fees are applicable to aircraft owners who wish to house their aircraft in a PAC owned hangar. A Hangar Agreement must be signed, and a copy of the aircrafts Insurance Certificate of Currency must be supplied at the time the agreement is signed. See Agreement for full details. Hardstand Fees –fees are applicable to aircraft owners that wish to have a PAC hardstand parking space available for their sole use. A Hardstand Agreement must be signed, and a copy of the aircrafts Insurance Certificate of Currency must be supplied at the time the agreement is signed and maintained thereafter. See Agreement for full details. PAC – Peninsula Aero Club Privately Owned Aircraft – refers to all aircraft not owned or cross-hired by PAC Privately Owned Hangers and Abutting Land – all hangars and abutting properties that accesses the airport must and comply with PAC private property access agreements, where aircraft owners must pay be a member of PAC and pay all appropriate fees. Tyabb Airport – Airport located at 00 Xxxxxx Xx, Xxxxx 0000. Also known as Mornington Peninsula Airport Visiting Aircraft – All aircraft that are not stored at Tyabb Airport AIRCRAFT USAGE & MAINTENANCE CHARGES Effective 1st July 2023 Type of Charge Charge Frequency Comments Landing Charges: • Single Engine • Multi Engine • Commercial $5.00 $10.00 $20.00 per engine Per landing • Donation to PAC • Not applicable to PAC Financial Members if they do not store their aircraft at Tyabb Airport • Does not apply to ‘touch and go’ landings Parking Charges $5.00 Per day • Applicable only to visiting aircraft • Maximum of 7 consecutive days allowed or by agreement Grass Parking $160.00 Annual • Available only to PAC Financial Members Airfield Usage Fees • Aircraft =>600kg (CAT 1) • Aircraft up to 600kg • (CAT 2) • Microlight < 450kg ...
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APPLIES TO. All departments and individuals who travel on behalf of the Flint Cultural Center Foundation, or its Named Beneficiaries using taxpayer supplied, Millage funds. PROCEDURE:
APPLIES TO a. The Employer has made salary packaging arrangements available for those Employees who wish to take advantage of the benefits.
APPLIES TO a. All Full Time and Part Time Employees are entitled to four weeks annual leave.
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