Scope of Work Sample Clauses

Scope of Work. The Contractor, who is not a state employee, may be requested to perform any of the services identified in Attachment BFee-for-Service Rate Schedule when requested under a Work Authorization in accordance with the Employment Plan developed between Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) and an individual consumer. A complete detailed description of required work will be furnished in each Work Authorization issued. The Contractor may begin work only upon receipt of a fully executed Work Authorization. No effort, expenses, or actions taken before the Work Authorization is fully executed are authorized under Minnesota Statutes, and all such efforts, expenses and actions are under taken at the sole responsibility and expense of the Contractor. When Contractor accepts Work Authorizations to provide services, Contractor shall manage and disburse funds to persons served without additional charge to the State or persons served. Additional terms and conditions of the applicable work to be performed are attached and incorporated herein as Attachment AWork Plan and, if applicable, Attachment B – Fee- for-Service Rate Schedule and Performance Based Agreement (PBA) for Placement and Retention Services as referenced at The Contractor understands that this master contract is not a guarantee of a work order contract. The State has determined that it may have need for the services under this master contract, but does not commit to spending any money with the Contractor.
Scope of Work. In consideration of the payment by CITY to FIRST PARTY, as hereinafter provided, FIRST PARTY agrees to perform all the services as set forth in Exhibit "A," Scope of Services.
Scope of Work. The scope of work for this contract is generally defined as TMWRF Air Compressor Replacement. The City’s Contract Documents and Contractor's Entire Proposal are on file with the City of Sparks. All terms, conditions and requirements contained within these Documents, including any and all bid documents, addenda and specifications issued by the City, are hereby incorporated by reference into this Contract. The Contractor shall perform within the time stipulated, the Contract as herein defined and shall provide and furnish any and all of the labor, materials, methods or processes, equipment implements, tools, machinery and equipment, and all utility, transportation and other services required to construct, install and put in complete order for use in a good and workmanlike manner all of the work covered by the Contract in connection with strict accordance with the plans and specifications therein, which were approved by said City and are on file with the City, including any and all addenda issued by the City, and with the other contract documents hereinafter enumerated.
Scope of Work. The Scope of Work for all construction pursuant to this CSA shall be as set forth in the attached Schedule I, provided, however, that the scope of work is subject to change in accordance with Transmission Provider’s scope change process for interconnection projects as set forth in the PJM Manuals.
Scope of Work. 1.1 Contractor will perform the scope of the work (Work) in Exhibit A, Scope of Work, to the satisfaction of University and in accordance with the schedule (Schedule) for Work in Exhibit B, Schedule. Time is of the essence in connection with this Agreement. University will have no obligation to accept late performance or waive timely performance by Contractor.
Scope of Work. The Contractor shall, in full satisfaction of the specific requirements of this SOW Agreement, provide the services set forth herein. These services shall be provided in accordance with the Master Agreement and this SOW Agreement. Additional Attachments and/or Assurances Applicable to this Work: List clauses here and/or cross reference to the attachments included with this SOW, consistent with the items noticed in the SOW RFP section “Additional ttachments/Assurances”. Otherwise, remove this section if not applicable. In Scope: XXXXXXXXXX Deliverables and Services Produced XXXXXXXXXXX Phases (Remove or add if not needed) Approach (modify as needed) Contractor shall provide a project manager to work as the primary point of contact with the State. As a part of its project management duties, the Contractor Project Manager will attend an agreed upon number of informational and status meetings and, when appropriate, call and lead such meetings. Such meetings may include the Project Management Team, the Contract Administrator, other consultants, elected officials, and other stakeholders as designated by the State. The Contractor Project Manager shall work directly with the State Project Manager to define, manage, and control the project scope, timeline, issue escalation and resolution processes. Contractor shall deliver written status reports on a weekly basis. Status information shall include, at a minimum: all planned tasks accomplished, planned tasks that are incomplete, or behind schedule in the previous week (with reasons given for those behind schedule); all tasks planned for the upcoming two weeks; an updated status of tasks (entered into the project plan and attached to the status report – e.g., percent completed, resources assigned to tasks, etc.); and the status of any corrective actions undertaken. The report will also contain items such as the current status of the project’s technical progress and contractual obligations; achievements to date; risk management activities; unresolved issues; requirements to resolve unresolved issues; action items; problems; installation and maintenance results; and significant changes to Contractor’s organization or method of operation, to the project management team, or to the deliverable schedule, where applicable. In addition, Contractor will create and routinely update the project plan, if any, to reflect changes in the nature and timing of project activities, all changes being subject to the State Project Manager’...
Scope of Work. 2.1 If and when the Employer, or any shareholder(s) holding a major equity or control therein, shall perform or shall cause to be performed any work covered by this Agreement under its own name or under the name of another as a person, corporation, company, partnership, enterprise, associate, combination or joint venture this Agreement shall be applicable to all such work performed under the name of the Employer or the name of any other person, corporation, company, partnership, enterprise, associate, combination or joint venture.