EQUIPMENT FURNISHED. The Company shall furnish to the employees working on energized lines and the employees shall use all equipment necessary to provide protection in accordance with general practice throughout the Electric Utility Industry. The Company shall furnish and the employees shall use rain coats, rain hats, rubber boots, work gloves, safety eye glasses, and other similar equipment which is necessary over and above the employee's normal working clothing to protect the employee when required to work in wet weather.
EQUIPMENT FURNISHED. The Township shall provide an allowance for safety boots at an expense not to exceed $405.80 per year. For each year this Agreement is in effect, if the Superintendent determines through his major brand averaging method that the cost of safety shoes/boots has increased, he is authorized to proportionately increase the limit for shoes/boots by up to 5% per year.
EQUIPMENT FURNISHED. The Township shall provide an allowance for safety boots not to exceed $445 per year for 2018 and 2019. For 2020, the maximum allowance will increase by 3%.
EQUIPMENT FURNISHED a) Typewriters and other office equipment devices will be furnished and maintained in working order by the Authority at offices where management require their use.
EQUIPMENT FURNISHED. Lessor shall provide Lessee with the use of the following equipment: Tables (number of ) Air Conditioner Air Purifier Chairs (number of ) Storage Cabinets (number of ) Exhaust Fans (number of )


  • All new supplies equipment and services shall include manufacturer's minimum standard warranty unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Vendor shall be legally permitted to sell all products offered for sale to TIPS Members. All goods proposed and sold shall be new unless clearly stated in writing. Customer Support The Vendor shall provide timely and accurate customer support for orders to TIPS Members as agreed by the Parties. Vendors shall respond to such requests within a commercially reasonable time after receipt of the request. If support andƒor training is a line item sold or packaged with a sale, support shall be as agreed with the TIPS Member. Agreements Agreements for purchase will normally be put into effect by means of a purchase order(s) executed by authorized agents of the TIPS Member participating government entities, but other means of placing an order may be used at the Member’s discretion. Tax exempt status Most TIPS Members are tax exempt and the related laws andƒor regulations of the controlling jurisdiction(s) of the TIPS Member shall apply. Assignments of Agreements No assignment of Agreement may be made without the prior notification of TIPS. Written approval of TIPS shall not be unreasonably withheld. Payment for delivered goods and services can only be made to the awarded Vendor, Vendor designated reseller or vendor assigned company.

  • Designated Equipment; Designated Locations The System and the Data Access Services shall be used and accessed solely on and through the Designated Configuration at the offices of the Fund or the Fund Accountants in Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx xx Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx (“Designated Locations”).

  • Equipment, Etc Each Grantor shall, (i) within ten (10) days after a written request by the Administrative Agent, in the case of Equipment now owned, and (ii) following a request by the Administrative Agent pursuant to subclause (i) above, within ten (10) days after acquiring any other Equipment, deliver to the Administrative Agent, any and all certificates of title, and applications therefor, if any, of such Equipment and shall cause the Administrative Agent to be named as lienholder on any such certificate of title and applications. No Grantor shall permit any such items to become a fixture to real estate or an accession to other personal property unless such real estate or personal property is the subject of a fixture filing (as defined in the UCC) creating a first priority perfected Lien in favor of the Administrative Agent.

  • Equipment and Materials Contractor at its sole cost and expense shall provide and furnish all tools, labor, materials, equipment, transportation services and any other items (collectively, "Equipment") which are required or necessary to perform the Services in a manner which is consistent with generally accepted standards of the profession for similar services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, District shall not be responsible for any damages to persons or property as a result of the use, misuse or failure of any Equipment used by Contractor of the Contracted Parties, even if such Equipment is furnished, rented or loaned to Contractor or the Contracted Parties by District. Furthermore, any Equipment or workmanship that does not conform to the regulations of this Agreement may be rejected by District and in such case must be promptly remedied or replaced by Contractor at no additional cost to District and subject to District’s reasonable satisfaction.

  • Equipment Use Lessee agrees that the Equipment will be operated by competent, qualified personnel in connection with Lessee's business for the purpose for which the Equipment was designed and in accordance with applicable operating instructions, laws, and government regulations, and that Lessee shall use all reasonable precautions to prevent loss or damage to the Equipment from fire and other hazards. Lessee shall procure and maintain in effect all orders, licenses, certificates, permits, approvals, and consents required by federal, state, or local laws or by any governmental body, agency, or authority in connection with the delivery, installation, use, and operation of the Equipment.

  • SERVICES AND EQUIPMENT Where ethanol receiving, storage and blending facilities are available at the Terminal, upon Customer’s request, the Parties shall execute a Terminal Service Order pursuant to which TLO shall receive, store and blend ethanol into Customer’s gasoline at the Terminal (“Ethanol Services”). TLO shall provide and operate all equipment required for the Ethanol Services. The equipment shall consist of truck and/or rail unloading racks, tanks, pumps, motors, injectors, computer control, and any other ancillary equipment necessary for the providing of the Ethanol Services.

  • The Equipment 9.1 The British Council Equipment shall remain the property of the British Council and shall be used by the Supplier in the performance of the Services and for no other purposes.

  • Office Space, Equipment and Facilities Furnish without cost to the Fund, or pay the cost of, such office space, office equipment and office facilities as are adequate for the needs of the Fund;

  • Equipment Specifications All equipment must meet the contract specifications and all federal and State safety codes and regulations in effect at the date of manufacture. All equipment must be Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) equipment unless otherwise stated in the contract. Items Offered as New. All products, materials, supplies, replacement parts, and equipment offered and furnished must be new, of current manufacturer production, and must have been formally announced by the manufacturer as being commercially available, unless otherwise stated in this Contract.

  • Equipment and Supplies Independent Contractor, at Independent Contractor's sole expense, shall provide all equipment, tools and supplies necessary to perform the Service.