Construction Requirements Sample Clauses

Construction Requirements a) All Life and Safety and applicable Building Codes will be strictly enforced (i.e., tempered glass, fire dampers, exit signs, smoke detectors, alarms, etc.). Prior coordination with the Building Manager is required.
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Construction Requirements. 702.3.01 Personnel General Provisions 101 through 150.
Construction Requirements. All Alterations shall be (a) performed under a valid permit when required, a copy of which shall be obtained by or in the name of Landlord, at Tenant’s expense, before commencement of construction (and Tenant hereby agrees and acknowledges that the Building is part of the City of Portland’s Facility Permit Program, which requires that Landlord hold all building permits, and Tenant will take whatever steps are reasonably required by Landlord to ensure compliance with the Facility Permit Program), (b) performed in a good and workmanlike manner using only new, first class materials and Tenant shall obtain contractors’ warranties for a period of at least one (1) year against defects in materials and workmanship; (c) performed in compliance with all applicable Laws, all applicable standards of the American Insurance Association (formerly, the National Board of Fire Underwriters), the National Electrical Code, manufacturer’s specifications and Landlord’s construction rules and regulations attached hereto as Exhibit E-2 (the “Construction Rules”) and its Responsible Contractor Policy set forth in E xhibit E-3; (d) performed so as not to cause or create any jurisdictional or other labor disputes; (e) performed in such manner as not to obstruct access to the Project or the Common Areas or the conduct of business by Landlord or other tenants in the Project and coordinated with any other work in the Project by Landlord or its tenants in order to minimize interference with such work; (f) diligently prosecuted to completion; (g) if applicable, performed in a manner that will not adversely affect the Building’s and or Project’s “LEED” certification, Energy Star rating or other “green agency” rating; (h) performed (A) in compliance with USGBC indoor air quality standards and waste management specifications, and (B) if to the extent applicable, utilizing plumbing fixtures that comply with the EPA’s “Water Sense” program and Energy Star compliant equipment, and performed by Tenant’s Contractors that are reasonably approved by Landlord. Tenant agrees that, in connection with any Alterations, the Tenant Improvements and any other work performed by or on behalf of Tenant in the Premises (collectively, the “Work”), all subcontractors performing any on-site work which comprises the Work, including, without limitation, painting and installations of fixtures, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, data, security, telecommunication, low voltage or elevator equipment or systems or other...
Construction Requirements. All Alterations and Improvements to the Premises made by or on behalf of Tenant shall be subject to the following conditions, which Tenant covenants faithfully to perform:
Construction Requirements. The completion or renovation of improvements which are to be constructed on the Property shall be guaranteed at the price contracted either by an adequate completion bond or by other assurances satisfactory to the Members, which assurances shall include one or more (at the discretion of the Members) of the following: (a) a written personal guarantee of one or more of the general contractor’s principals accompanied by the financial statements of such guarantor indicating a substantial net worth; (b) a written fixed price contract with a general contractor that has a substantial net worth; (c) a retention of a reasonable portion of construction costs as a potential offset to such construction costs in the event the general contractor does not perform in accordance with the construction contract; or (d) a program of disbursements control which provides for direct payments to subcontractors and suppliers. The Company shall make no periodic progress or other advance payments to the general contractor or any subcontractor unless the Company has first received an architect’s certification as to the percentage of the improvements which has been completed and as to the dollar amount of the construction then completed.
Construction Requirements. The Contractor shall coordinate with the Irrigation Company prior to beginning any construction that affects the operation or flow of the ditch. Ditch flows for Xxxxx Ditch occur yearlong. Generally, ditch flows for the Picketwire Ditch occur between April 1st – October 15th with additional occurrences in December and March for livestock watering. Working windows for demolition and construction shall be coordinated with the Xxxxx Ditch Company and Picketwire Ditch Company along with their inspectors. The Contractor shall cooperate with the Irrigation Company where Work is within the limits of the Irrigation Company’s property interest and shall perform the Work in such a manner and at such times as not to endanger or interfere with the continuous operation of the canal, property, and the flow of water at or in the vicinity of the Work. No Work shall be performed that interferes with the deeded schedule and volume of flow of the canal, including the delivery of water to its shareholders. The Contractor shall be responsible to the Irrigation Company for all damages for delays that may be sustained by the Irrigation Company caused by any interference that could have been avoided by proper handling of the Work. The Contractor shall obtain Irrigation Company’s approval, in writing, of construction for all of the elements of the Work within the Irrigation Company’s property interest. Copies of such approvals, notices, and correspondence shall be submitted to CDOT for Acceptance prior to beginning any Work on Irrigation Company property interest. The Contractor shall through the owner-controlled insurance program (OCIP) indemnify the Irrigation Company under its insurance coverage during the construction phase. Upon completion of the Work to be performed within Irrigation Company property interest, the Contractor shall promptly remove all tools, Equipment, Materials, and debris from Irrigation Company property placed there by the Contractor or the Contractor’s agents. The Contractor shall restore said property to the same state and condition as when the Contractor entered xxxxxxx, and shall leave said property in a clean and presentable condition satisfactory to the Irrigation Company. The Contractor shall provide As-Constructed Documents to the Irrigation Company within 10 Days of completion of Work within the Irrigation Company property interest.
Construction Requirements. Measure wave speed prior to driving piles. Wave speed measurements will not be required for Steel H piles or metal shell piles. When wave speed measurements are performed, place the piles in a horizontal position not in contact with other piles. Perform dynamic pile testing during driving. Modify the driving to reduce the stress and/or eliminate the damage, should the recommended stress level be exceeded or if damage occurs (determined visually or as indicated by the instrumentation). Do not exceed the following maximum driving stresses, as determined by the dynamic pile testing:
Construction Requirements. During the construction phase of the S.R. 54 Pipeline Project, the DEVELOPER and/or its construction contractor(s) shall:
Construction Requirements. Once any work of construction has begun, Tenant shall prosecute with reasonable diligence the same to conclusion. All construction shall be performed in a good and workmanlike manner, shall comply with all Applicable Law and shall be completed in conformance with the plans and specifications approved by Landlord.