Construction Plan definition

Construction Plan means Contractor’s written and graphic plan for performance of the Work for each Deliverable Portion of Work including: (i) Project logistics; (ii) staging, storage, and office areas; (iii) pathways, ingress, and egress on the Site; and (iv) safety plans and managing personnel. [Optional]
Construction Plan means a representation of a project site and all activities associated with the project. The plan includes the location of the project site, buildings and other infrastructure, grading activities, schedules for implementation, and other pertinent information related to the project site. A storm water pollution prevention plan is a part of the construction plan.
Construction Plan shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 10.2.2

Examples of Construction Plan in a sentence

  • As part of this process, the Construction Plan may be reviewed by SFMTA’s Transportation Advisory Committee (TASC) to resolve internal differences between different transportation modes.

More Definitions of Construction Plan

Construction Plan means information regarding the design, potential locations, and estimated time schedule for the construction and/or installation of a Facility submitted in accordance with the requirements of this Chapter and any regulations or guidelines adopted by the Director for the implementation of this Chapter.
Construction Plan has the meaning given such term in Section 3.2.
Construction Plan means a written plan, and a collection of documents, for construction that: (i) demonstrates to the satisfaction of the city engineer that the aesthetic impact and physical structure of the wireless communication facility is comparable to prevailing standards of similar structures in the immediate area; (ii) includes the identity and qualifications of each person directly responsible for the design and construction; (iii) includes signed and sealed documentation to proportional scale from a professional engineer licensed in North Dakota describing the proposed wireless communication facilities in detail, including (a) the proposed location of the wireless support structure and all easements, property boundaries, and existing structures within on the same side of the roadway and within fifty (50) feet of such wireless facility or wireless support structure unless a different distance is specified by the city engineer; (b) a structural, loading, and wind-speed analysis for existing, proposed, and reserved loading, and (c) a schematic describing the communications properties of the facility, including EMF and RF propagation and off-site data connections; and (iv) includes such other information as the city engineer may require.
Construction Plan meanss any drawing required by the Director which may be used in the processing of record plats or for the construction of any phase of on-site or off-site improvements. These include, but are not limited to, site plans, grading plans, plans and profiles and cross sections.
Construction Plan means the plan developed pursuant to Section 6 herein.
Construction Plan means a representation of an overall project, including infrastructure, project layout, and the stormwater pollution prevention plan.
Construction Plan means Contractor’s plan for construction of the Work that will include: (a) the construction staging plan setting forth construction scheduling, laydown areas and storage, trailer areas, trailer locations, priorities as to Site use, ingress/egress and other similar Site logistic matters for the Work as approved by MSG; and (b) procedures for the assignment of responsibilities for safety precautions and programs for the Work.