Contracts with Sample Clauses

Contracts with a cumulative value of at least KShs. 25 Million (Twenty- Five Million) for the last five (5) years, successfully and substantially completed. The similarity shall be based on the physical size, complexity, methods/technology or other characteristics as described in Section 2 Participation as a Sub Contractor and meeting the above Cummulative value and number of contracts shall attract a maximum of 2marks Sub-Contract arrangements may also be verified from the referenced Client Score  0-16 Marks  One Project meeting the cummu lative value attracts 8Marks .  Two projects meeting the cummu lative value attracts the full 16 marks Section 8, Schedule 6 Completion Certificates, Taking Over Certificates or End of Defects Liability Certificates shall be used in the verification of Completion status of the various projects presented. The Sub Contractor must provide an Official Confirmation Letter from the Main Contractor he/she worked for detailing his role, scope of works and value of works executed and a brief statement on his/her performance of the issued sub contract. The Main Contractor’s address must be explicitly indicated in the said letter.
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Contracts with. SUBCONTRACTORS The Contractor agrees to include the above references paragraphs in any contracts with subcontractors.
Contracts with. Affiliates The Borrower has not entered into any written or oral contract or other agreement with its affiliates as of the execution date of this Agreement. In this Agreement, “Affiliate” refers to the natural person, company, partnership, joint venture or other entity directly or indirectly controlling or controlled by or under the common control of one party. “Control” in the definition of “Affiliate” refers to having the right to direct or form the management and system of a certain entity, whether such right is realized through holding securities bearing 50% or more of the voting right or having the contractual right to nominate and elect the members of the board of directors or otherwise.
Contracts with a General Partner, Affiliates and the Limited Partner. A General Partner may, on behalf of the Partnership, enter into contracts with itself or any of its employees, agents or affiliates. A General Partner may, but is not obligated to, cause the Partnership to enter into contracts with any other Partner, and its partners, employees, agents or affiliates.
Contracts with. Affiliates ---------------------------------------
Contracts with. AFFILIATES Any contract entered into by the Operator with either an Affiliate of the Operator or a party or an Affiliate of a Party must be approved by the Operating Committee.
Contracts with. TRUST A trustee may enter into or have any interest in any contract with the trust or any company or entity in which the trust is interested without:
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Contracts with third parties If and insofar as the Supplier supplies equipment and/or services of third parties to the client, or if Fivespark has acted as an intermediary in the establishment of a relationship within that framework between the client and a third party, such delivery takes place in accordance with Article 1.4 of the NLDigital Terms and Conditions, under the applicability of the terms and conditions of the third party or other parties in question and thereby overruling derogating provisions of the Supplier's general terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of the third party (or third parties) are provided to the client (ter hand gesteld), and by accepting the Agreement the client explicitly declares that he/she agrees with these terms and conditions (as well). The terms and conditions of the third party (or third parties) shall also be made available for inspection by the client at the Supplier and the third party, for example on the third party’s website. The client agrees that claims resulting from, among other things, the infringement of intellectual property rights, defects, delays, damage or other consequences arising from the delivery, use or implementation of the product and/or service of the third party shall be checked with the conditions of delivery of that third party. The Supplier is not liable for those defects, delays, or damages, whether direct, indirect, or consequential caused by the products and/or services of third parties.
Contracts with. Bullet Gym – Weight Lifting Contact Person: Xxxx Xxxxx 000 Xxxx Xxxxxx Missoula, MT 59802 (000) 000-0000 Garden City Harvest/Youth Harvest Project Contact Person: Xxxx XxXxxxxx 207-8199 Dueling Dragons Taekwondo Xxxxxx Xxxxx 000 Xxxxx Xxx Lolo, MT 000-000-0000
Contracts with third parties for RTD Projects shall be subject to the rules of the hosting institution, taking into consideration the other Partners involved. A copy of the contract must be sent to the XxxxxxxX.xx Management Office.
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