CONTRACTS WITH. Affiliates ---------------------------------------
CONTRACTS WITH. SUBCONTRACTORS The Contractor agrees to include the above references paragraphs in any contracts with subcontractors.
CONTRACTS WITH. AFFILIATES Any contract entered into by the Operator with either an Affiliate of the Operator or a party or an Affiliate of a Party must be approved by the Operating Committee.
CONTRACTS WITH a General Partner, Affiliates and the Limited Partner. A General Partner may, on behalf of the Partnership, enter into contracts with itself or any of its employees, agents or affiliates. A General Partner may, but is not obligated to, cause the Partnership to enter into contracts with any other Partner, and its partners, employees, agents or affiliates.
CONTRACTS WITH. Affiliates The Borrower has not entered into any written or oral contract or other agreement with its affiliates as of the execution date of this Agreement. In this Agreement, “Affiliate” refers to the natural person, company, partnership, joint venture or other entity directly or indirectly controlling or controlled by or under the common control of one party. “Control” in the definition of “Affiliate” refers to having the right to direct or form the management and system of a certain entity, whether such right is realized through holding securities bearing 50% or more of the voting right or having the contractual right to nominate and elect the members of the board of directors or otherwise.
CONTRACTS WITH. TRUST A trustee may enter into or have any interest in any contract with the trust or any company or entity in which the trust is interested without:


  • Contracts, etc To enter into, make and perform all such obligations, contracts, agreements and undertakings of every kind and description, with any Person or Persons, as the Trustees shall in their discretion deem expedient in the conduct of the business of the Trust, for such terms as they shall see fit, whether or not extending beyond the term of office of the Trustees, or beyond the possible expiration of the Trust; to amend, extend, release or cancel any such obligations, contracts, agreements or understandings; and to execute, acknowledge, deliver and record all written instruments which they may deem necessary or expedient in the exercise of their powers;

  • Contracts and Leases Except as shown on Schedule 5.16, the Seller does not (a) have any leases of personal property relating to the Purchased Assets, whether as lessor or lessee; (b) have any current performer lease agreements or other similar obligations with entertainers; (c) have any contractual or other obligations relating to the Purchased Assets, whether written or oral; and (d) have, and has not given, any power of attorney to any person or organization for any purpose relating to the Purchased Assets or the Business. The Seller operates its adult entertainment establishment located at the Premises under an existing lease agreement (“Existing Lease”), which Existing Lease will either be (i) assigned to the Purchaser with the consent of the landlord and the Purchaser or (ii) terminated if a New Lease (defined in Section 9.16) is entered into between the landlord and the Purchaser as of the Closing Date. The Seller will make available to Purchaser prior to the Closing Date each and every written contract or lease relating to the Purchased Assets of the Seller to which it is subject or is a party or a beneficiary. Such contracts, leases or other documents are valid and in full force and effect according to their terms and constitute legal, valid and binding obligations of the Seller and the other respective parties thereto and are enforceable in accordance with their terms, except as may be limited by bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, and other similar laws of general application relating to or affecting creditors’ rights and to general equitable principles. There are no defaults or breaches under such contracts, leases or other documents or of any pending or threatened claims under any such contracts, leases or other documents.

  • Management Contracts The Recipient agrees that from the date hereof until the date on which none of the Infrastructure Bonds, of which the proceeds were used to pay or reimburse the costs of the Project, remain outstanding (the "Agreement Term"):

  • SUB-CONTRACTS (a) The Administrator may sub-contract or delegate the performance of all or any of its powers and obligations under this Agreement, provided that (but subject to Clause 3.2(b) herein):

  • Contracts With Service Providers 16 Section 1.

  • Gas Contracts No Credit Party, as of the date hereof or as disclosed to the Administrative Agent in writing, (a) is obligated in any material respect by virtue of any prepayment made under any contract containing a “take-or-pay” or “prepayment” provision or under any similar agreement to deliver Hydrocarbons produced from or allocated to any of the Borrower’s and its Subsidiaries’ Oil and Gas Properties at some future date without receiving full payment therefor at the time of delivery or (b) except as has been disclosed to the Administrative Agent, has produced gas, in any material amount, subject to balancing rights of third parties or subject to balancing duties under Legal Requirements.

  • Covered Contracts and Contractors If the Contract exceeds $100,000 and the Contractor employed more than 40 full-time employees on a single working day during the previous 12 months in Minnesota or in the state where it has its principle place of business, then the Contractor must comply with the requirements of Minnesota Statute § 363A.36 and Minnesota Rule Parts 5000.3400-5000.3600. A Contractor covered by Minnesota Statute § 363A.36 because it employed more than 40 full-time employees in another state and does not have a certificate of compliance, must certify that it is in compliance with federal affirmative action requirements.

  • Related Contracts The Borrower shall not take any action, enter into any document or agreement or omit to take any action or to enter into any document or agreement which would, or could reasonably be expected to, cause any Related Contract to cease to remain in full force and effect and shall use all reasonable endeavours to procure that each other party to any Related Contract does not take any action, enter into any document or agreement or omit to take any action or to enter into any document or agreement which would, or could reasonably be expected to, cause any Related Contract to cease to remain in full force and effect.

  • Agreements with Subcontractors Business Associate shall enter into a Business Associate Agreement with any Subcontractor to whom it provides PHI received from Covered Entity or created or received by Business Associate on behalf of Covered Entity in which the Subcontractor agrees to the same restrictions and conditions that apply through this Agreement to Business Associate with respect to such PHI. Business Associate must enter into this Business Associate Agreement before any use by or disclosure of PHI to such agent. The written agreement must identify Covered Entity as a direct and intended third party beneficiary with the right to enforce any breach of the agreement concerning the use or disclosure of PHI. Business Associate shall provide a copy of the Business Associate Agreement it enters into with a subcontractor to Covered Entity upon request. Business associate may not make any disclosure of PHI to any Subcontractor without prior written consent of Covered Entity.

  • Vendor Contracts (a) THIRD-PARTY ASO CONTRACTS.