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Site for. Medical College to be free from Encumbrances The Site for Medical College shall be made available by the Authority to the Concessionaire pursuant hereto free from all Encumbrances and occupations and without the Concessionaire being required to make any payment to the Authority on account of any costs, compensation, expenses and charges for the acquisition of such Site for Medical College, for the duration of the Concession Period, except insofar as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement. For avoidance of doubt, it is agreed that existing rights of way, easements, privileges, liberties and appurtenances to the Site for Medical College shall not be deemed to be Encumbrances. It is further agreed that the Concessionaire accepts and undertakes to bear any and all risks arising out of the inadequacy or physical condition of the Site for Medical College.

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  • Site Visits ‌ The Commission may visit the School at any time and may, at its discretion, conduct site visits and monitoring. When appropriate, the Commission shall make reasonable efforts to provide notice of visits. Such site visits may include any activities reasonably related to fulfillment of the Commission’s oversight responsibilities including, but not limited to, inspection of the facilities; audit of financial books and records; inspection of records maintained by the School; interviews and observations of the principal, staff, school families, staff of an affiliated nonprofit or educational service provider and community members; and observation of classroom instruction.

  • Site Visit 11.1. All Bidders are urged and expected to inspect the Site and to satisfy themselves as to all general and local conditions that may affect the cost or performance of the Project. In no event will a failure to inspect the Site constitute grounds for withdrawal of a Bid after opening or for a claim after award of the Contract.

  • Phase II A small portion of the work for the Phase II modifications to the Plattsburgh Substation will be performed by Transmission Owner, and the remainder will be performed by Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx. A detailed definition of the specific scope for Transmission Owner and Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx including interface points shall be defined during the design phase and, as such documents become available, copies will be delivered to the NYISO, Transmission Owner, Noble Altona Windpark, LLC and Marble River, LLC. The full scope includes the installation of wave traps, CCVT’s and modifications and/or additions to relaying on the MWP-1 and MWP- 2 lines. These lines will be reconfigured at the completion of Phase II to connect to Xxxxx and Xxxxxxx Substations on MWP-1 and the Xxxx Substation on MWP-2. Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx will design the upgrades and purchase the materials based on the outline specification that was prepared and issued by Transmission Owner. The work to be performed by Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx will include both the materials for the exterior and interior installations and items for Transmission Owner installation inside the control building in existing relay panels and communication racks. In addition, Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx will be responsible for the exterior and interior construction work and will provide construction management services in coordination with Transmission Owner. The civil design for the foundations and the electrical design for the cable runs to the control room will be designed by, as approved by Transmission Owner, and installed under the supervision and control of Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx. The equipment will be selected and procured in accordance with the specifications developed during the detailed engineering phase, copies of which shall be furnished to the NYISO, Transmission Owner, Noble Altona Windpark, LLC and Marble River, LLC. The construction of the foundations, structures, wave traps, CCTV and cable runs into the control building to the termination cabinets will be completed by Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx. The work at the Plattsburgh Substation will be installed under Transmission Owner’s CPP-1. Transmission Owner will provide Protection and Controls Engineering, install and terminate wiring from the termination cabinets to the control panels and relays, install relays and equipment in the existing panels, and will commission such work inside the 230kV control building. Transmission Owner will develop the communications protocols and data flow over the circuits.

  • Classroom Visitation To provide patrons of the District the opportunity to visit classrooms with the least interruption to the teaching process, the following guidelines are set forth:

  • Site Lands or areas indicated in the Contract Documents as being furnished by the Owner upon which the Work is to be performed, including rights-of-way and easements for access thereto, and such other lands furnished by the Owner that are designated for the use of the Contractor. Also referred to as Project Site, Job Site and Premises.

  • Phase I a. In Phase I, the project will be connected as a tap to the Transmission Owner’s 230kV transmission line MWP-2 via one 230kV circuit breaker in series with one of two ring bus breakers for stuck breaker protection (one in each direction) and a tie-line breaker, as shown on the one-line diagram labeled CL-E-IA-01 attached to this Appendix A as Figure 1. The changes to the existing MWP-2 line protection for this arrangement are described in Phase I System Upgrades in Section II of this Appendix A.

  • SITE INSPECTION Where a site inspection is required by the Bid Specifications or Project Definition, Bidder shall be required to inspect the site, including environmental or other conditions for pre-existing deficiencies that may affect the installed Product, equipment, or environment or services to be provided and, which may affect Bidder’s ability to properly deliver, install or otherwise provide the required Product. All inquiries regarding such conditions shall be made in writing. Bidder shall be deemed to have knowledge of any deficiencies or conditions which such inspection or inquiry might have disclosed. Bidder must provide a detailed explanation with its Bid if additional work is required under this clause in order to properly complete the delivery and installation of the required Product or provide the requested service.

  • INSPECTION/TESTING All Products sold pursuant to this Agreement will be subject to inspection/testing by or at the direction of H- GAC and/or the ordering Customer, either at the delivery destination or the place of manufacture. In the event a Product fails to meet or exceed all requirements of this Agreement, and unless otherwise agreed in advance, the cost of any inspection and/or testing, will be the responsibility of the Contractor.

  • Screening 3.13.1 Refuse containers located outside the building shall be fully screened from adjacent properties and from streets by means of opaque fencing or masonry walls with suitable landscaping.

  • Testing Landlord shall have the right to conduct annual tests of the Premises to determine whether any contamination of the Premises or the Project has occurred as a result of Tenant’s use. Tenant shall be required to pay the cost of such annual test of the Premises; provided, however, that if Tenant conducts its own tests of the Premises using third party contractors and test procedures acceptable to Landlord which tests are certified to Landlord, Landlord shall accept such tests in lieu of the annual tests to be paid for by Tenant. In addition, at any time, and from time to time, prior to the expiration or earlier termination of the Term, Landlord shall have the right to conduct appropriate tests of the Premises and the Project to determine if contamination has occurred as a result of Tenant’s use of the Premises. In connection with such testing, upon the request of Landlord, Tenant shall deliver to Landlord or its consultant such non-proprietary information concerning the use of Hazardous Materials in or about the Premises by Tenant or any Tenant Party. If contamination has occurred for which Tenant is liable under this Section 30, Tenant shall pay all costs to conduct such tests. If no such contamination is found, Landlord shall pay the costs of such tests (which shall not constitute an Operating Expense). Landlord shall provide Tenant with a copy of all third party, non-confidential reports and tests of the Premises made by or on behalf of Landlord during the Term without representation or warranty and subject to a confidentiality agreement. Tenant shall, at its sole cost and expense, promptly and satisfactorily remediate any environmental conditions identified by such testing in accordance with all Environmental Requirements. Landlord’s receipt of or satisfaction with any environmental assessment in no way waives any rights which Landlord may have against Tenant.