CITY OF Sample Clauses

CITY OF. NASHUA COOPERATION The City of Nashua agrees that its personnel will cooperate with Independent Contractor in the performance of its work under this contract and that such personnel will be available to Independent Contractor for consultation at reasonable times and after being given sufficient advance notice that will prevent conflict with their other responsibilities. The City of Nashua also agrees to provide Independent Contractor with access to City of Nashua records in a reasonable time and manner and to schedule items that require action by the Board of Public Works and Finance Committee in a timely manner. The City of Nashua and Independent Contractor also agree to attend all meetings called by the City of Nashua or Independent Contractor to discuss the work under the Contract, and that Independent Contractor may elect to conduct and record such meetings and shall later distribute prepared minutes of the meeting to the City of Nashua.
CITY OF. Euless and Fort Worth agree to reimburse each other for actual costs other than ordinary operating costs incurred by each other in the performance of this Agreement. "Ordinary operating costs" shall mean those costs incurred in the scope of performing normal fire suppression duties, including but not limited to fuel, mechanical wear and tear, Personal Protective Equipment, Emergency Medical Supplies, and employee wages and benefits; provided, however, that special fire suppression methods are not an ordinary operating cost. Reimbursement shall be made on an incident-by-incident basis and shall be made subsequent to a submission of an invoice by the Party incurring costs to the other Party. Notwithstanding the above, each Party shall be responsible for all costs associated with its own equipment, including damage and breakage.
CITY OF. North Royalton owns the property known as and located at 00000 Xxxxx Xxxx, 00000; and agrees to allow use of a portion of that property as a site for installation, operation and maintenance of electric vehicle charging stations under the Project.
CITY OF. Outside Positions Page PAY GRADE JOB TITLE **Xxxxxxx Building Trades **Xxxxxxx Parks Xxxxxxx Roadways Xxxxxxx Utilities Xxxxxxx Wastewater Xxxxxxx Water Distribution Sewer Collection Jan-01 Jan-01 Certified Tradesmen who are qualified with a certificate of proficiency issued pursuant to the Apprenticeship and Tradesmen3 Qualification Act and who are posted to a trades position as shown hereafter will receive per hour. Eligible tradesmen are Mechanic, Painter Welder, Xxxxxxxxx Cement Finisher Bricklayer. Effective October a premium of shall be added to the hourly rate of pay for Xxxxxxx (Pay Grade only). Effective July a premium of shall be added to the hourly rate of pay for Xxxxxxx (Pay Grade only) and shall replace the premium. SCHEDULE OF INSIDE POSITIONS Y Step 1st Year; Step 2nd Year; Step 3rd Year PAY GRADE JOB TITLE Clerk Typist Accounting Clerk I Data Entry Clerk Data Processor Receptionist City Hall Response Operator Steps Jan-01 Dee-01 Jan-01 Jan-01 Schedule "A" City of Inside Positions Weekly) Page Step 1st Year; Step 2nd Year; Step 3rd Year PAY GRADE JOB TITLE Accounting Assistant Level I Administrative Clerk Clerk Development Services Clerk Engineering Clerk Legislative Clerk Operations Clerk Purchasing Clerk
CITY OF. Vancouver Construction Specifications
CITY OF. Oakland (1973) 30 Cal.App.3d 96 [106 Cal.Rptr. 134]. Also, teachers can file a complaint with Cal-OSHA to compel the District to furnish such equipment, to implement safety procedures, and to “do every other thing reasonably necessary to protect the life, safety, and health of employees.” Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs Assn. v. County of Sacramento (1990) 220 Cal.App.3d 280, 285-286 [269 Cal.Rptr. 6].
CITY OF. This shall not be deemed to limit the amount of people allowed in Bargaining Committee Caucuses, provided, however, it will be the Local Union’s responsibility to pay for all wages and benefits for numbers of employees in excess of those shown in paragraph above. all cases involving collective bargaining, whetherfor Local or Regional purposes, employees involved must obtain permission to be absent as provided for in the appropriate clause of their Collective Agreement.
CITY OF. Inside Positions Weekly Page Step Step next Step 2nd Year; Step 3rd Year; Step 4th Year PAY TITLE Jan, Jan. I Apr. Jan. Inspector & Senior Programmer Analyst I Trades Building and/or Plumbing Inspectors required to have a Trades Certificate, as set out in their job description, shall receive ($183.00per month) in addition to their normal monthly salary. SCHEDULE CITY OF PENTICTON OUTSIDE POSITIONS
CITY OF. Laramie Project Manager 72