Restroom Facilities Sample Clauses

Restroom Facilities. The toilet rooms, toilets, urinals, wash bowls and other apparatus (the “Restroom Facilities”), whether contained in the Common Areas of the Building and/or the interior of the Premises, shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which they were designed. Tenant shall not permit its agents, clients, contractors, directors, employees, invitees, licensees, officers, partners or shareholders to throw foreign substances of any kind whatsoever or papers not specifically designated for use in the Restroom facilities down any toilet, or to dispose of the same in any way not in keeping with the instructions provided to Tenant by the management of the Building regarding same, and Tenant hereby specifically agrees to reimburse Landlord directly for the expense of any breakage, stoppage or damage resulting from Tenant’s violation of this rule.
Restroom Facilities. A. The State will provide restroom facilities at all permanent work locations which employ Unit 12 workers, consistent with applicable laws.
Restroom Facilities. The washrooms and restrooms and appurtenances thereto shall not be used for any other use than those for which they were constructed. No sweepings, rubbish, rags or other foreign substances shall be thrown or placed therein. No person shall waste water by interfering or tampering with the faucets. Any damage resulting in soiled washrooms or restrooms or appurtenances shall be paid for by the Lessee who, or whose agent, guests, or employees, shall cause such damage.
Restroom Facilities. 379. SFMTA shall provide suitable restroom facilities in a clean and sanitary condition and Operators may use the restroom facilities when necessary. SFMTA will attempt to provide usable restroom facilities as near as possible to the end of the line. SFMTA shall post lists on a quarterly basis giving the locations of restroom facilities. SFMTA shall designate a person to ensure that restroom facilities are kept clean and maintained. Such person shall consider information provided by the Transport Workers Union Local 250-A about the need and availability of restroom facilities on each line.
Restroom Facilities. Members shall have access to lavatory, rest room facilities, workrooms, and employees' lounges at District work sites. The District shall maintain lavatory and rest room facilities in a safe and healthful condition.
Restroom Facilities. Restrooms are available at the Visitor’s Center at the entrance of the X.X. Xxxxx Fish Hatchery.
Restroom Facilities. Licensee hereby agrees to provide adequate portable restroom facilities, which shall be open and operational during the Use Period.
Restroom Facilities. The Employer shall provide restroom and lavatory facilities for employee use.
Restroom Facilities. Users of outdoor facilities that have access to restroom facilities are required to pay an additional fee for the cost associated with custodial services, including but not limited to, stocking, cleaning, unlocking and locking restroom facilities during user’s event.
Restroom Facilities. To the extent possible, the State shall provide all employees in Unit 20 separate restroom facilities from any such facilities provided to inmates, wards, residents, patients or students, having access to State facilities.