Commencement of Construction definition

Commencement of Construction means the commencement of construction of foundation components or elements (such as footings, rafts or piles) for the home.
Commencement of Construction means the initial disturbance of soils associated with clearing, grading, or excavating activities or other construction activities.
Commencement of Construction means taking any action defined as "construction" or any other activity at the site of a facility subject to these rules that have a reasonable nexus to radiological health and safety.

Examples of Commencement of Construction in a sentence

  • Commencement of construction consists of pouring concrete for a foundation and does not include grading, installation of utilities or landscaping.

  • Commencement of construction prior to such determination shall be grounds for denial of a license to receive and possess radioactive material in such plant or facility.

More Definitions of Commencement of Construction

Commencement of Construction means to begin or cause to begin, as part of a continuous program, the placement, assembly, or installation of facilities or equipment; or to conduct significant site preparation work, including clearing excavation or removal of existing buildings, structures, or facilities, necessary for the placement, assembly, or installation of facilities; or equipment at a new or expanded animal feedlot or a new, modified, or expanded manure storage area.
Commencement of Construction means with respect to any Real Property, the commencement of material on-site work (including grading) or the commencement of a work of improvement of such property.
Commencement of Construction means that (i) the plans have been prepared and all approvals thereof required by applicable governmental authorities have been obtained for construction of the Facilities; (ii) all necessary permits for the construction of the Facilities on the Land pursuant to the respective plans therefore having been issued by all applicable governmental authorities; and (iii) grading of the Land or the construction of the vertical elements of the Facilities, has commenced.