Retention of Sample Clauses

Retention of. CLASSIFICATION 2.1 An employee will retain the normal rate of pay in which the employee was employed immediately prior to an incident, or, the employer may, during any period of an incident, assign an employee to another position. Payment in this case will be either at the employee’s normal rate of pay prior to the incident, or the assigned incident responsibility rate, whichever is greater (subject to the assignment at the incident exceeding three (3) hours). 3.
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Retention of. Carrier Pre-Selection For 99% of orders which require Carrier Pre-Selection to be retained on a Line, BT will reinstate Carrier Pre- Selection within 30 minutes of the completion of the transfer. If BT fails to do this, then providing the Communications Provider advises BT via Buzzcom within 2 hours of BT’s provision of the first CDR fraud feed which shows that BT has not implemented Carrier Pre-Selection on time, the Communications Provider shall have the entitlement set out in paragraph 4.8.
Retention of a different consultant at Consultant’s cost to complete the work described in Exhibits A, B, C-1, C-2, D, and E not fin ished by Consultant.
Retention of. Sample Licensed Products by NOA. NOA or Nintendo may, at their own expense, manufacture reasonable quantities of the Game Discs, the Printed Materials or the Licensed Products to be used for archival purposes, legal proceedings against infringers of the Intellectual Property Rights and for other lawful purposes (but not for resale).
Retention of. Seniority Employees who are placed on layoff may apply their department seniority to displace an employee with department seniority in any lateral or lower bargaining unit classification in which the displacing employee holds classification seniority and provided he is presently qualified to perform all of the duties of the lateral or lower classification. The employee shall receive the applicable rate of pay for that classification. Employees shall notify the Employer in writing within five (5) calendar days of the notice of layoff of their intent to displace another employee.
Retention of. Big FourAudit Firm. The Company shall retain a “Big Four” audit firm by June 30 2012.
Retention of. An employee otherwise eligible to accrue seniority shall retain but not accumulate seniority under the following circumstances: While on any unpaid leave of absence, except pregnancy parental leave, in excess of continuous work weeks in any calendar year; or Following twenty-four months of receipt of Long Term Disability benefits. While on layoff, except for hours worked as a temporary or casual employee.
Retention of. It is agreed between the parties hereto that seniority shall be retained and accumulated on the following basis:
Retention of. Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, CTEC hereby retains . to provide curriculum review services to CTEC and . agrees to render such services to CTEC.
Retention of. Because of Closure Personnel moving under the conditions of Sections 9.1 or 9.2 will retain their seniority at the terminal from which they have moved, and in the event the work is moved back to the original terminal within sixty (60) months from the date of their original move must return to their original terminal.