The Construction Sample Clauses

The Construction. In our construction the hash function will depend on an additional parameter∈ { }{ } × { } → { }
The Construction connection, operation and maintenance of the United States facilities hereunder shall be subject to the limitations, terms, and conditions issued by any competent agency of the U.S. government, including but not limited to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department ofTransportation (DOT). The permittee shall continue the operations hereby authorized in exact accordance with such limitations, terms, and conditions.
The Construction. EXECUTION PLAN The project will be constructed on the basis of CH2M HILL managing multiple Subcontractors to accomplish all of the work required to complete the Project. Temporary facilities will not be allowed on the project site with the exception of a small tool trailer, dumpster and portable toilets as available space provides. Subcontractors shall identify and pre-qualify in accordance with Project requirements, as well as all lower tier subcontractors. Lower tier subcontractors are required to be approved by CH2M HILL and successfully participate in the Safety Orientation prior to the lower tier subcontractor entering the Project Site.
The Construction. Safe, durable and indestructibleAs a semi-permanent universal floating structure the ‘Pearl’ is constructed from concrete. Each custom- built floating structure is built on top of North Sea strength concrete platforms, designed to resist an impact of a tanker ship at full speed. There are more than 3 million cubic meters of offshore concrete structures for the oil and gas industry in the world; Brova’s partner Dr.Techn.Olav Olsen has designed approximately 2/3rds of them. In addition, each ‘Pearl’ platform enjoys the added safety feature of a Brova double hull, making the floating structures virtually unsinkable. A UNIVERSAL FLOATING STRUCTURE THAT CAN BE MOVED AND RELOCATED, INSTANTLY TRANSFORMING THE SKYLINE OF ANY CITY.One of its durable qualities is that concrete strengthens over time and does not erode, like the steel on ships. This makes each ‘Pearl’, maintenance free and as strong as any well-built, land-situated concrete building. A well-built concrete landmark, such as the Pantheon that is 2000 years old, can stand for centuries as the concrete hardens and strengthens over time. Due to its unique construction, each floating ‘Pearl’ structure can be either anchored to the seabed, or rest directly on it, depending on the depth of the water, making it highly versatile with the ability to find a home regardless of the depth of water beneath it.Furthermore, each environmentally sustainable ‘Pearl’ adapts its energy requirements according to its local environment.
The Construction. Let C : Fn F be the circuit to be compiled. In the following, let r = r (σ) denote the number of masking inputs used in a circuit compiled according to the compiler of [11]. Recall that our compiler, given a circuit C, generates two copies C1, C2 of C (that operate on two copies of the inputs); compiles C1, C2into circuits Cˆ1, Cˆ2 using the circuit-compiler of [11]; generates the circuit Cˆ′TTT Tthat outputs the AND of Cˆ1, Cˆ2; generates a circuit 0 verifying that at least one of the copies Cˆ1, Cˆ2 uses well-formed masking inputs (i.e., its masking inputs are well-formed vectors); compiles 0 into ˆ0 using the circuit-compiler of [11]; and finally verifies “in the clear” that ˆ0 uses well-formed masking inputs. Wenow describe these ingredients in more detail.
The Construction. Cost Consultant shall not assign or otherwise transfer all or any part of its rights, duties or obligations under this Contract, in whole or in part, except with the prior written consent of the School District; any assignment or transfer (including, but not limited to, assignment of any Subcontract) without such written consent shall be null and void. The absence of such provision or written consent shall void the attempted assignment or transfer, and the attempted assignment or transfer shall be of no effect as to the Services, the Work, the Project or this Contract.
The Construction. ∈ { }∈ ⌊ ⌋ ∈ { }−− −For any positive real p < 1/2 and ε, we construct a code of rate R = 1 H(p) ε that is p-CCA secure. We assume that 2ε < 1/2 p. For a message length k N, the code length is n = k/R . For any message m 0, 1 k, the encoded codeword c 0, 1 n consists of ℓ blocks (B1, . . . , Bℓ), where each block Bi is of length b = c log n for some constant c > 0, and thus ℓ = n/(c log n). We setthe following parameters: λ = nγ for a constant γ ∈ (0, 1), n′ = ⌊(k + λ)/R′⌋ = (ℓ − κ)b, κ = ⌈6λ/(R1R2b)⌉, where R′ is the rate of REC, R1 = O(ε2/L2) is the rate of RS over F with |F| = 2R2b/2, and R2 = εO(1) is the rate of PRC.Setup Algorithm. On input a parameter 1n, the setup algorithm chooses four random keys s1, s2, s3, s4 ∈ {0, 1}n for two PRF families F1 and F2, a MAC (Tag, Vrfy), and a PRC family PRC, respectively. The first PRF F1 consists