Waste management definition

Waste management means the collection, transport, recovery and disposal of waste, including the supervision of such operations and the after-care of disposal sites, and including actions taken as a dealer or broker;
Waste management means the collection, storage, transportation reduction, re-use, recovery, recycling, composting or disposal of plastic waste in an environmentally safe manner ;

Examples of Waste management in a sentence

  • Do not pour into drains or waterways.Waste :Waste management is carried out without endangering human health, without harming the environment and, in particular without risk to water, air, soil, plants or animals.Recycle or dispose of waste in compliance with current legislation, preferably via a certified collector or company.

  • Waste management is carried out by an on-site Environmental Officer (EO) or an Environmental Supervisor (ES) from time to time.

  • Waste management services may be provided by a public utility company, or it can be delegated to a private entity through a PPP model.Kosovo Landfill Management Company (KLMC) is operating under Ministry in charge of Economic Development and is tasked with the management of waste facilities including landfills and transfer stations and for the final disposal of waste in Kosovo.Regional Waste Companies are operators owned by the municipalities and provide collection and transportation services.

  • Waste management and remedy of effects of environmental pollution caused by waste(1) Damages related to the release of waste into the environment and to the pollution created by waste, including the costs related to waste management and to the remedy of the effects of environmental pollution caused by waste shall be covered by the person who released the waste into the environment (hereinafter polluter).

  • Waste management framework The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy is a central body responsible for the preparation of waste management legislation, national waste management strategy and waste management plan, as well as coordination of co-operation among all involved institutions in waste management in Croatia.

More Definitions of Waste management

Waste management means the storage, transportation, treatment, or disposal of waste.
Waste management means actions taken to effectuate the receipt, storage,
Waste management means the scientific reduction, re-use, recovery, recycling, composting or disposal of plastic waste;
Waste management means conditioning, interim storage and disposal of ra- dioactive waste in a deep geological repository;