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  • At Tenant Contractor's discretion and cost, Tenant Contractor should provide direct line telephone service at construction site for use of personnel and employees.

  • At Tenant Council on 15 December 2003 she stated it appeared that the Chair and officers had spoken privately to reinstate Clause 27.

  • So long as the Parcel At Tenant has applied for the Parcel A Tenant Permits during the Tenant Permit Period and is diligently pursuing same, Purchaser may extend the duration of the Tenant Permit Period for up to ninety (90) additional days by giving written notice to Seller; provided, however, that notwithstanding any such extension, the Tenant Permit Period shall expire on the fifth (5th) business day after the Parcel A Tenant Permits are issued.

  • At Tenant option, Tenant shall have the right to install 2X4 Armstrong Second Look tiles or equal which shall be know as the building standard acoustical ceiling.

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  • At Tenant Resource Center, we are constantly revising our services and creating brand new materials to better meet client needs.

  • At Tenant option those instruments may provide that if the lender undertakes to enforce its security interest in the personal property, Landlord must cooperate with the Lender, or its designated representative, in its efforts to assemble the personal property located at the Premises and may not hinder the lender's actions in enforcing its liens on the personal property.

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At Tenant s written request at any time after August 31, 2001, Lessor will notify Lessee of the monthly "fair market" rental rate that it has determined will apply to the Premises as of May 1, 2002.
At Tenant s request Landlord has stopped all further Tenant Improvement Work by Landlord. Landlord represents it has made all payments and met all obligations to any contractors, agents or other third party for all work completed by Landlord under Lease. Subject to Paragraph 9 below, Tenant agrees that Landlord shall have no further obligation to construct Tenant Improvements for the Building and that Landlord's Work is deemed to have been fully completed.

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  • Sublessee means any Person for so long, but only so long, as such Person is in possession of the Airframe and/or any Engine pursuant to the terms of a Sublease which is then in effect pursuant to Section 7(b)(x) of the Lease.

  • Lessee means a person who acquires the right to possession and use of goods under a lease. Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the term includes a sublessee.

  • the Tenant means the party(ies) named on the tenancy agreement as the tenant of The Property.

  • Subtenant means any Person entitled to occupy, use, or possess any Premises under a Sublease.

  • Tenant means any Person obligated by contract or otherwise to pay monies (including a percentage of gross income, revenue or profits) under any Lease now or hereafter affecting all or any part of the Property.

  • Landlord as used herein shall mean only the owner or owners at the time in question of the premises. In the event of any transfer of such title or interest, Landlord herein named (and in case of any subsequent transfers the then grantor) shall be relieved from and after the date of such transfer of all liabilities as respects Landlord’s obligations thereafter to be performed, provided that any funds in the hands of Landlord or the then grantor at time of such transfer in which Tenant has an interest shall be delivered to the grantee, who shall assume the obligations of Landlord or the then grantor to Tenant with respect to those funds. The obligations contained in this Lease to be performed by Landlord shall, subject to the foregoing provisions of this paragraph 19, be binding on Landlord’s successors and assigns.

  • Sublandlord means the holder of sublandlord’s interest under this Sublease. In the event of any assignment or transfer of the Sublandlord’s interest under this Sublease, which assignment or transfer may occur at any time during the Term in Sublandlord’s sole discretion, Sublandlord shall be and hereby is entirely relieved of all covenants and obligations of Sublandlord hereunder accruing subsequent to the date of the transfer and it shall be deemed and construed, without further agreement between the parties hereto, that any transferee has assumed and shall carry out all covenants and obligations thereafter to be performed by Sublandlord hereunder. Sublandlord may transfer and deliver any then existing Security Deposit to the transferee of Sublandlord’s interest under this Sublease, and thereupon Sublandlord shall be discharged from any further liability with respect thereto.

  • Sublessor means the holder of the tenant's interest under the Master Lease. In the event of any assignment, transfer or termination of the tenant's interest under the Master Lease, Sublessor shall be and hereby is entirely relieved of all covenants and obligations of Sublessor accruing after the date of such transfer, and it shall be deemed and construed, that any transferee has assumed and shall carry out all covenants and obligations thereafter to be performed by Sublessor hereunder; provided, however, that no such assignment, transfer or termination shall terminate this Agreement or affect Sublessee's rights to use the Subleased Premises as provided in this Agreement.

  • Lessor as used herein shall mean the owner or owners at the time in question of the fee title to the Premises. In the event of a transfer of Lessor's title or interest in the Premises or in this Lease, Lessor shall deliver to the transferee or assignee (in cash or by credit) any unused Security Deposit held by Lessor at the time of such transfer or assignment. Except as provided in Paragraph 15.3, upon such transfer or assignment and delivery of the Security Deposit, as aforesaid, the prior Lessor shall be relieved of all liability with respect to the obligations and/or covenants under this Lease thereafter to be performed by the Lessor. Subject to the foregoing, the obligations and/or covenants in this Lease to be performed by the Lessor shall be binding only upon the Lessor as hereinabove defined.

  • the Landlord s Agent” means «D0000_11280_0#Company_Name» Limited whose registered office is Crowthorne House, Nine Mile Ride,

  • Anchor Tenant means the primary customer occupying a site.

  • Ground Lessee means the Owner Lessor as lessee of the Ground Interest under the Facility Site Lease.

  • Major Tenant means a tenant of a Loan Party under a lease of Property which entitles it to occupy 15,000 square feet or more of the net rentable area of such Property.

  • Master Tenant s Regulatory Agreement” means that certain Healthcare Regulatory Agreement – Master Tenant, relating to the Project and entered into by Master Tenant for the benefit of HUD.]

  • Superior Landlord means the person for the time being who owns the interest in the Premises which gives him the right to possession of the Premises at the end of the Landlord’s lease of the Premises.

  • this Tenant Work Letter means the relevant portion of Sections 1 through 6 of this Tenant Work Letter.

  • THE LESSEE or any other Person includes without prejudice to the provisions of this Agreement any successor in title to it and any permitted assignee;

  • The Lessor s Personal Property" means all personal property the subject of a security interest granted to or held by the Lessor under the Lease; and

  • Successor Landlord shall have the meaning given such term in Section 20.2.

  • Sub-Lessee means a lease/license by a Lessee of part or all of leased space to another person.

  • Ground Lessor means each lessor that has executed a Ground Lease (collectively, the “Ground Lessors”).

  • Subleased Premises means approximately -18;961 rentable square feet on the 141h floor of the Building, as more specifically depicted on Exhibit A attached hereto and made a part hereof. The Subleased Premises include all of the Leased Premises identified in the Prime Lease.

  • Landowner means a person listed on the tax assessment rolls as responsible for the payment of real estate taxes imposed on the property.

  • Major Tenants has the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 7.2.

  • and Lessor s agents shall have the right to enter the Premises at any time, in the case of an emergency, and otherwise at reasonable times for the purpose of showing the same to prospective purchasers, lenders, or lessees, and making such alterations, repairs, improvements or additions to the Premises or to the Building, as Lessor may reasonably deem necessary. Lessor may at any time place on or about the Premises or Building any ordinary "For Sale" signs and Lessor may at any time during the last one hundred eighty (180) days of the term hereof place on or about the Premises any ordinary "For Lease" signs. All such activities of Lessor shall be without abatement of rent or liability to Lessee.

  • Demised Premises or “Premises” (and whether or not capitalized) is used herein, it shall be understood to mean the “premises leased hereby”; and whenever the term “Entire Premises” is used herein (and whether or not capitalized), it shall be understood to mean all of the contiguous land and buildings owned by Landlord at this location, which include the premises leased hereby. The term “Non-leased Premises” shall mean the Entire Premises less the Leased Premises.