The Contractor shall provide Sample Clauses

The Contractor shall provide the Project Manager with a quotation for carrying out the Variation when requested to do so by the Project Manager. The Project Manager shall assess the quotation, which shall be given within seven days of the request or within any longer period stated by the Project Manager and before the Variation is ordered. 43.2 If the work in the Variation corresponds with an item description in the Bill of Quantities and if in the opinion of the Project Manager, the quantity of work above the limit stated in GCC 41 or the timing of its execution do not cause the cost per unit of quantity to change, the rate in the Bill of Quantities shall be used to calculate the value of the Variation. If the cost per unit of quantity changes, or if the nature or timing of the work in the Variation does not correspond with items in the Bill of Quantities, the quotation by the Contractor shall be in the form of new rates for the relevant items of Work. 43.3
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The Contractor shall provide information to all beneficiaries, prospective beneficiaries, and members of the public on how to file a Discrimination Grievance with:
The Contractor shall provide a Phase In and a Phase Out plan for the beginning and the end of the contract, respectively.
The Contractor shall provide the Customer with access to the Course after the Customer has registered on the Site and paid the Services to cost under the procedure stipulated in the Contract section 4.
The Contractor shall provide a copy of the Fact Sheet attached as J.6 to each employee and subcontractor who performs services under the contract. The Contractor shall also post the Notice attached as J.5 in a conspicuous place in its place of business. The Contractor shall include in any subcontract for $15,000 or more a provision requiring the subcontractor to post the Notice in a conspicuous place in its place of business.

Related to The Contractor shall provide

  • The Contractor must 16.1.1. treat all Authority Protected Information as confidential and safeguard it accordingly, implementing appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect Authority Protected Information against disclosure;

  • The Contractor A general contractor shall be retained by Tenant to construct the Improvements. Such general contractor (“Contractor”) shall be selected by Tenant from a list of general contractors supplied by Landlord, and Tenant shall deliver to Landlord notice of its selection of the Contractor upon such selection.

  • Contractor If COUNTY elects to renegotiate this Agreement due to reduced or terminated 20 funding, CONTRACTOR shall not be obligated to accept the renegotiated terms.

  • Contractor Key Personnel ‌ The Contractor shall assign a Corporate OASIS Program Manager (COPM) and Corporate OASIS Contract Manager (COCM) as Contractor Key Personnel to represent the Contractor as primary points-of-contact to resolve issues, perform administrative duties, and other functions that may arise relating to OASIS and task orders solicited and awarded under XXXXX. Additional Key Personnel requirements may be designated by the OCO at the task order level. There is no minimum qualification requirements established for Contractor Key Personnel. Additionally, Contractor Key Personnel do not have to be full-time positions; however, the Contractor Key Personnel are expected to be fully proficient in the performance of their duties. The Contractor shall ensure that the OASIS CO has current point-of-contact information for both the COPM and COCM. In the event of a change to Contractor Key Personnel, the Contractor shall notify the OASIS CO and provide all Point of Contact information for the new Key Personnel within 5 calendar days of the change. All costs associated with Contractor Key Personnel duties shall be handled in accordance with the Contractor’s standard accounting practices; however, no costs for Contractor Key Personnel may be billed to the OASIS Program Office. Failure of Contractor Key Personnel to effectively and efficiently perform their duties will be construed as conduct detrimental to contract performance and may result in activation of Dormant Status and/or Off-Ramping (See Sections H.16. and H.17.).

  • Contractor Project Manager The Contractor Project Manager shall serve, from the Effective Date, as the Contractor project manager and primary Contractor representative under this Agreement. The Contractor Project Manager shall (i) have overall responsibility for managing and coordinating the performance of Contractor’s obligations under this Agreement, including the performance of all Subcontractors; and (ii) be authorized to act for and bind Contractor and Subcontractors in connection with all aspects of this Agreement. The Contractor Project Manager shall respond promptly and fully to all inquiries from the JBE Project Manager.

  • Contractor Compliance Contractor represents and warrants to pay, at its sole expense, for all applicable permits, licenses, tariffs, tolls and fees to give all notices and comply with all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of any governmental entity in conjunction with the performance of obligations under the Contract. Prior to award and during the Contract term and any renewals thereof, Contractor must establish to the satisfaction of the Commissioner that it meets or exceeds all requirements of the Bid/Contract and any applicable laws, including but not limited to, permits, insurance coverage, licensing, proof of coverage for worker’s compensation, and shall provide such proof as required by the Commissioner. Failure to do so may constitute grounds for the Commissioner to cancel or suspend this Contract, in whole or in part, or to take any other action deemed necessary by the Commissioner.

  • Servicer Shall Provide Information as Reasonably Required The Servicer shall furnish to the Trustee, during the term of this Agreement, such periodic, special, or other reports or information, whether or not provided for herein, as shall be necessary, reasonable, or appropriate in respect to the Trustee, or otherwise in respect to the purposes of this Agreement, all such reports or information to be as provided by and in accordance with such applicable instructions and directions as the Trustee may reasonably require.

  • Subcontractor Compliance The Recipient is responsible for Subrecipient compliance with the requirements of this clause and may be held liable for unpaid wages due Subrecipient workers.

  • Owners Required To Provide Information From the Initial Date and prior to the Restriction Termination Date:

  • Subcontractor Requirements The Supplier must ensure that any subcontract entered into for the purpose of this Agreement contains an equivalent clause granting the rights specified in this clause.