Plumbing fixtures definition

Plumbing fixtures means receptacles, devices, or appliances which are supplied with water or which receive liquid-borne wastes for discharge into the drainage system.
Plumbing fixtures means water closets, including tank-type toilets, flushometer- tank toilets, flushometer-valve toilets, electromechanical hydraulic toilets and any other toilet that uses water; urinals; replacement aerators; showerheads; lavatory, kitchen and bathroom sink faucets; and specifically includes floor models and demonstration units; and
Plumbing fixtures means receptacles intended to receive and discharge water or water-carried wastes into the sewer system with which they are connected.

Examples of Plumbing fixtures in a sentence

  • Plumbing Codes: Plumbing fixtures, building sewers, vents, sewer lines and other appurtenances must be designed, operated and maintained so as to comply with the minimum requirements of the most recently revised locally enforceable plumbing code.

  • Plumbing fixtures shall have adequate clearances for usage and cleaning.

  • Plumbing fixtures, pumps and filters shall be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Plumbing fixtures located at a non-residential establishment shall be included on the floor plan, but need not be drawn to scale.

  • The installation of fixtures shall conform to the following:(1) Floor outlet or floor mounted fixtures shall be secured to the drainage connection and to the floor when so designed, by screws or bolts of copper, brass or other corrosion-resistant material.(2) Wall hung fixtures shall be rigidly supported so that strain is not transmitted to the plumbing system.(3) Where fixtures come in contact with walls or floors, the joint shall be watertight.(4) Plumbing fixtures shall be functionally accessible.

More Definitions of Plumbing fixtures

Plumbing fixtures means receptacles designed to receive water from the water system and to discharge liquid, or sewage wastes into the sanitary sewerage system with which they are connected.
Plumbing fixtures means plumbing fixtures as defined in the Building By-law;
Plumbing fixtures means and include all installed receptacles or devices which are supplied with water or which receive or discharge liquid waste or sewage into the drainage system with which they are directly or indirectly connected.
Plumbing fixtures means plumbing articles made of vitreous china or pottery (such as lavatories, water closets and urinals) and plumbing articles made of iron or steel enamelware (such as bathtubs, lavatories, and sinks), and other like goods or any one or more items of such goods;
Plumbing fixtures means installed receptacles, devices
Plumbing fixtures means enamelled steel or cast iron fixtures, to-wit: bathtubs, sinks, lavatories, laundry trays and sink and laundry tray combinations;
Plumbing fixtures means sinks, baths, showers, toilets, bidets, and all fixtures and appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines, from which water or wastewater are discharged.