The Applicable Sample Clauses

The Applicable. VERSUS Entity shall have the right to create and distribute promotional and marketing literature and materials for the Services using the Licensed Marks and materials and content provided by E*TRADE hereunder. The Applicable VERSUS Entity shall furnish to E*TRADE, at no expense to E*TRADE, samples of all literature and materials containing the Licensed Marks that it distributes or intends to distribute prior to any distribution thereof. E*TRADE shall control the quality (but not the Canadian content) of all promotional and marketing literature and materials bearing the Licensed Marks and the Applicable VERSUS Entity's use of the Licensed Marks. Such quality control must be necessary, in E*TRADE's reasonable determination, to the preservation of E*TRADE's interest in the Licensed Marks, the "look and feel" and value propositions associated with the Licensed Marks, and other similar quality related standards. If E*TRADE believes that the Licensed Marks are being used by the Applicable VERSUS Entity in a manner likely to diminish E*TRADE's rights in or protection of the Licensed Marks (other than uses which are approved as of the date hereof by E*TRADE and are set forth on Attachment A and uses which are governed by applicable Canadian law with which VERSUS must comply), the Applicable VERSUS Entity agrees, at its sole cost and expense, to make whatever changes and/or corrections E*TRADE deems necessary to protect the Licensed Marks.
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The Applicable. DC Advance Percentage shall be 0% and Eligible Data Communications Receivables shall not be included in the Borrowing Base unless the Banks elect, in their sole discretion, to increase the Applicable DC Advance Percentage at some subsequent date. The Banks will reconsider the Borrower's request to reestablish the Applicable DC Advance Percentage after the Banks review the Borrower's financial statements for its fiscal quarter ending on June 29, 1997.

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  • Payments and Prepayments 1.1 Payments and prepayments of principal and interest on this Note shall be made to Payee at 000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxx Xxxxxx, X.X. 10604.

  • Borrower Information Used to Determine Applicable Interest Rates The parties understand that the applicable interest rate for the Obligations and certain fees set forth herein may be determined and/or adjusted from time to time based upon certain financial ratios and/or other information to be provided or certified to the Lenders by the Borrower (the “Borrower Information”). If it is subsequently determined that any such Borrower Information was incorrect (for whatever reason, including without limitation because of a subsequent restatement of earnings by the Borrower) at the time it was delivered to the Administrative Agent, and if the applicable interest rate or fees calculated for any period were lower than they should have been had the correct information been timely provided, then, such interest rate and such fees for such period shall be automatically recalculated using correct Borrower Information. The Administrative Agent shall promptly notify the Borrower in writing of any additional interest and fees due because of such recalculation, and the Borrower shall pay such additional interest or fees due to the Administrative Agent, for the account of each Lender, within five (5) Business Days of receipt of such written notice. Any recalculation of interest or fees required by this provision shall survive the termination of this Agreement, and this provision shall not in any way limit any of the Administrative Agent’s, the Issuing Bank’s, or any Lender’s other rights under this Agreement.

  • Determination of Applicable Interest Rate As soon as practicable on each Interest Rate Determination Date, Bank shall determine (which determination shall, absent manifest error in calculation, be final, conclusive and binding upon all parties) the interest rate that shall apply to the LIBOR Advances for which an interest rate is then being determined for the applicable Interest Period and shall promptly give notice thereof (in writing or by telephone confirmed in writing) to Borrower.

  • Repayments and Prepayments The Borrower shall repay in full the unpaid principal amount of each Loan upon the Stated Maturity Date therefor. Prior thereto, the Borrower

  • All Prepayments Except as this Agreement may specifically provide otherwise, all prepayments of the Term Loan shall be applied by Agent to the Obligations in inverse order of maturity. The monthly payments required under Schedule 2.1 shall continue in the same amount (for so long as the Term Loan and/or (if applicable) any advance thereunder shall remain outstanding) notwithstanding any partial prepayment, whether mandatory or optional, of the Term Loan. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the foregoing, in the event that there have been multiple advances under the Term Loan each of which such advances has a separate amortization schedule of principal payments under Schedule 2.1 attached hereto, each prepayment of the Term Loan shall be applied by Agent to reduce and prepay the principal balance of the earliest-made advance then outstanding in the inverse order of maturity of the scheduled payments with respect to such advance until such earliest-made advance is paid in full (and to the extent the total amount of any such partial prepayment shall exceed the outstanding principal balance of such earliest-made advance, the remainder of such prepayment shall be applied successively to the remaining advances under the Term Loan in the direct order of the respective advance dates in the manner provided for in this sentence).

  • Failure to Make Payments When Due Failure by the Borrower to pay (i) any installment of principal of any Loan when due, whether at stated maturity, by acceleration, by notice of voluntary prepayment, by mandatory prepayment or otherwise; or (ii) any interest on any Loan or any fee or any other amount due hereunder within five Business Days after the date due; or

  • Repayments and Prepayments; Application The Borrower agrees that the Loans shall be repaid and prepaid pursuant to the following terms.

  • Sales Reporting Requirements This is a requirement of the TIPS Contract and is non-negotiable. By submitting this proposal, Vendor certifies that Vendor will properly report all TIPS sales. With the exception of TIPS Automated Vendors, who have signed an exclusive agreement with TIPS regarding reporting, all TIPS Sales must be reported to TIPS by either: (1) Emailing the purchase order or similar purchase document (with Vendor’s Name, as known to TIPS, and the TIPS Contract Name and Number included) to TIPS at with “Confirmation Only” in the subject line of the email within three business days of Vendor’s acceptance of the order, or; (2) Within 3 business days of the order being accepted by Vendor, Vendor must login to the TIPS Vendor Portal and successfully self-report all necessary sale information within the Vendor Portal and confirm that it shows up accurately on your current Vendor Portal statement. No other method of reporting is acceptable unless agreed to by the Parties in writing. Failure to report all sales pursuant to this provision may result in immediate cancellation of Vendor’s TIPS Contract(s) for cause at TIPS’ sole discretion.

  • Prepayments and Amendments (a) Except in connection with Refinancing Indebtedness permitted by Section 6.1,

  • Cumulative Prepayments Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Section 2.05, payments with respect to any subsection of this Section 2.05 are in addition to payments made or required to be made under any other subsection of this Section 2.05.