Storage Areas Sample Clauses

Storage Areas. [ locations ].
Storage Areas. 1. Identify areas to store unused supplies away from specimen collection stations. These designed storage spaces will prevent contamination and reduce clutter in the testing space.
Storage Areas. Tenant shall not store any materials, supplies or equipment outside or in any unapproved area. Trash and garbage receptacles shall be kept covered at all times.
Storage Areas. All exterior storage, including passenger vehicles owned and operated by the Tenant, Subtenant or Occupants shall be visually screened from all streets and adjacent property by an opaque barrier adequate to screen stored materials, in accordance with the Park Development Standards. No storage shall be located between frontage street and any Building, and there shall be no junk, scrap, rubbish, trash, litter or other accumulate stored which will detract from the appearance of the Building Site.
Storage Areas. Tenant shall not store any materials, supplies or equipment outside the Premises in any unapproved or unscreened area. If Tenant erects any visual barriers for storage areas, Landlord shall have the right to approve the design and location, which approval may be withheld or conditioned in Landlord’s sole and absolute discretion and all of which shall be removed upon the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease as and if required by Landlord. Trash and garbage receptacles shall be kept covered at all times.
Storage Areas. At most properties, we no longer offer storage, but if you presently have personal property in a storage room it is at your sole risk. You will keep the area clean to avoid a fire hazard. We will not be liable for any loss, damage, or injury, which may occur to your property while it is in such storage rooms. You shall remove any property in storage upon ten days' notice from our office. If not removed, such property shall be deemed abandoned and will be disposed of by us.
Storage Areas. Tenant shall, during the Lease Term, have the right to use (i) two (2) dedicated general storage areas (the “General Storage Areas”) and (ii) one (1) dedicated hazardous materials storage area (the “Hazardous Materials Storage Area”) in the locations depicted on Exhibit G (collectively, the “Storage Areas”). Tenant shall take such Storage Areas in their “as-is” condition and Landlord shall not be obligated to make any improvements or repairs to the same; such improvement/repair responsibility shall be Tenant’s responsibility at Tenant’s sole cost and expense. The Storage Areas shall be considered part of the Premises under this Lease except that no Rent shall be payable by Tenant for such Storage Areas. 18 GENESIS 1900 ALAMEDA [BigHat Biosciences, Inc.]
Storage Areas. Where storerooms are provided, tenants understand the Lessor furnishes the storage space gratuitously, and the usage of such space, for any purpose, is done so at the tenant’s own risk. The tenants shall not, under any circumstance hold Lessor liable for any loss, damage, injury or expense whatsoever, which may occur in connection with the usage of the storage space. .
Storage Areas. 1. Contractor may store materials in the unoccupied work areas of the building, but only at times when it does not interfere with construction in the space, and may store materials within the boundary of the other construction materials storage areas defined on the Drawings. At completion of the work, all material and debris shall be removed from all areas.
Storage Areas. CRNF will provide adequate space for the Fertilizer Plant Coke Storage Area, Fertilizer Plant Slag Storage Area and Intermediate Coke Storage Area, each within a reasonable distance from the source of the materials to be stored therein and connected to such source by hauling roads reasonably sufficient to allow Savage to meet its obligations hereunder.