Applicable Standards definition

Applicable Standards means standards of operation for the Premises which are (a) in accordance with the requirements of the applicable Franchise Agreement, this Agreement and all CCRs affecting the Premises and of which true and complete copies have been made available by Lessee to Manager, (b) in accordance with applicable Legal Requirements, (c) in accordance with the terms and conditions of any Hotel Mortgage or Ground Lease to the extent not otherwise inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement (to the extent Lessee has made available to Manager true and complete copies of the applicable loan documents relating to any such Hotel Mortgage and/or the Ground Leases), (d) in accordance with the Leases (to the extent Lessee has made available to Manager a true and complete copy thereof), (e) in accordance with the requirements of any carrier having insurance on the Hotel or any part thereof (to the extent Manager has been given written notice of such requirements or policies and/or has coordinated same on behalf of Lessee), and (f) in accordance with the requirements of Section 856(d)(9)(D) of the Code for qualifying each Hotel as a Qualified Lodging Facility.

Examples of Applicable Standards in a sentence

  • Information on how these E&S issues are, or will be, addressed by LFZC to comply with InfraCredit’s Environmental and Social Policy2 and Applicable Standards and Guidelines is presented in the sections below.

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Applicable Standards means those adopted by any approvals or regulatory organisation by which the Installer is for the time being recognised or any modification or replacement thereof, current at the date of this Contract.
Applicable Standards means the requirements and guidelines of NERC, the Applicable Regional Entity, the Control Area in which the Generating Facility or Merchant Transmission Facility is electrically located and the Transmission Owner FERC Form No. 715 –Annual Transmission Planning and Evaluation Report for each Applicable Regional Entity; the PJM Manuals; and Applicable Technical Requirements and Standards.
Applicable Standards means (i) Requirements of Law and (ii) with respect to the airframe or any other part of an Aircraft, all compliance requirements set forth in or under (A) all maintenance manuals initially furnished by the manufacturer thereof with respect thereto, including any subsequent amendments or supplements to such manuals issued by the manufacturer or supplier thereof from time to time, (B) all mandatory service bulletins issued, supplied, or available by or through the applicable manufacturer with respect thereto, (C) all applicable airworthiness directives issued by the aviation regulatory agency having jurisdictional authority, (D) all conditions to the enforcement of any warranties pertaining thereto, and (E) any Maintenance Program then in effect in respect of the Aircraft.
Applicable Standards. Section 4.1Bankruptcy CodeSection 5.1
Applicable Standards means (i) the Rules and Regulations and (ii) all applicable codes, standards, regulations, manuals, references, guidelines, policies, specifications, handbooks and advisory circulars, including such codes, standards, regulations, manuals, references, guidelines, policies, specifications, handbooks, advisory circulars and similar documents referenced within this Agreement and the Requirements and Provisions for Work issued or published by a Governmental Authority and any similar applicable documents referenced in the Basic Lease, as amended, revised, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time.