IMPROVEMENTS AND ALTERATIONS. Tenant shall not make or allow to be ---------------------------- made (except as otherwise provided in this Lease) any improvements, alterations or physical additions (including fixtures) in or to the Premises or the Project, without first obtaining the written consent of Landlord, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed (except in the case of structural changes or changes to any Building system, in which case Landlord may withhold such approval in its sole discretion), including Landlord's written approval of Tenant's contractor(s) and of the plans, working drawings and specifications relating thereto (none of which shall be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed, except in the case of structural changes or changes to any Building system, in which case Landlord may withhold such approval in its sole discretion). Approval by Landlord of any of Tenant's drawings and plans and specifications prepared in connection with any alterations, improvements, modifications or additions to the Premises or the Project shall not constitute a representation or warranty of Landlord as to the adequacy or sufficiency of such drawings, plans and specifications, or alterations, improvements, modifications or additions to which they relate, for any use, purpose or conditions, but such approval shall merely be the consent of Landlord as required hereunder. Except as otherwise expressly provided in Exhibit E attached hereto, any and all furnishing, equipping and improving of or other alteration and addition to the Premises shall be: (i) made at Tenant's sole cost, risk and expense, and Tenant shall pay for Landlord's reasonable costs incurred in connection with and as a result of such alterations or additions; (ii) performed in a good and workmanlike manner with labor and materials of such quality as Landlord may reasonably require; (iii) constructed in accordance with all plans and specifications approved in writing by Landlord prior to the commencement of any such work; (iv) prosecuted diligently and continuously to completion so as to minimize interference with the normal business operations of other tenants in the Building, the performance of Landlord's obligations under this Lease or any mortgage or ground lease covering or affecting all or any part of the Building or the Land and any work being done by contractors engaged by Landlord with respect to or in connection with the Building; and (v) performed by contractors approved in wri...
IMPROVEMENTS AND ALTERATIONS. Tenant may, at its own expense, obtain, maintain, and install in the Premises such trade fixtures as the Tenant needs in order to operate its business, and may place such temporary partitions, lighting fixtures, personal property, machines, motors and the like in the premises, and may make such improvement and alterations to the Premises, as it may desire, provided only, that such improvements and alterations do not materially reduce the value of the Premises. All improvements, alterations heretofore or hereafter made or installed or paid for by Tenant, shall remain the property of the Tenant. In case of damage or destruction thereto by fire or other causes, Tenant shall have the right to recover such items from any insurance with which it has insured the same, notwithstanding that any of such items might be considered a part of real property. Tenant may remove all or any of such items at any time during the term of this Agreement or any extension thereof. Tenant may abandon the same, in whole or in part, to Landlord at the end of the term or any extension thereof, or such other expiration of the term, by vacating the Premises without removing the same. In the event of removal of such items, Tenant shall repair any damage caused by such removal. Tenant shall be responsible for replacement and/or repairs to Premises for any damage to Premises caused by abuse, neglect, or accident not recovered by insurance that result directly from Tenant use of the Premises except as provided for in Paragraph 5. It is understood by the Parties hereto that the Landlord may enter the Premises during normal business hours to inspect the building and to make routine repairs.
IMPROVEMENTS AND ALTERATIONS. (a) The Lessee, at the Lessee’s own cost and expense, (i) shall make alterations, renovations, repairs, improvements and additions to the Leased Property or any part thereof and substitutions and replacements therefor (collectively, “Alterations”) which are (A) necessary to repair or maintain the Improvements or the Site in the condition required by Section 9.1 or (B) necessary or advisable to restore the Improvements and the Site to its condition existing prior to a Casualty or Condemnation to the extent required pursuant to Article XIII, and (ii) so long as no Material Default or Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, may undertake Alterations on the Leased Property so long as such Alterations comply in all material respects with Applicable Laws and are consistent and comply with Section 9.1 and subsection (b) of this Section 9.2.
IMPROVEMENTS AND ALTERATIONS. The Tenant agrees not to make any improvements/alterations in or additions to the Demised Premises without first procuring the Landlord's written consent, said consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. All alterations, additions and improvements, which may be made or installed by the Tenant upon the leased premises, shall, at the termination of the Lease, become the property of the Landlord and shall remain upon and be surrendered with the Demised Premises as a part thereof, without disturbance, at the expiration or termination of the term of this Lease, all without compensation or credit to Tenant. If Tenant is not in default, Tenant may remove all trade fixtures at the end of the term, and Tenant shall repair all damage resulting from said removal.
IMPROVEMENTS AND ALTERATIONS. 4.6.1 Secure tenants have the right to apply for Written consent to make Improvements. Examples of Improvements include:  any structural change or alteration to your Property including the removal or replacement of any walls, the building of any parking space, garage, hard standing, patio, driveway, conservatory or similar structure;  any erection of outbuildings, sheds, greenhouses, fencing, the replacement of a kitchen or bathroom suite, as well as any other internal or external alterations;  the fitting of an aerial or satellite dish including CB aerials, radio masts to your Property or Communal area;  any electrical, gas or heating installations or alteration including additional electrical circuitry (for example, showers, cookers or additional sockets);  laying flooring such as laminated or wooden flooring. Secure tenants must not make any Improvements, without our Written consent.
IMPROVEMENTS AND ALTERATIONS. 33. The Lessor agrees to furnish the demised premises to the Lessee at the fixturing date with those improvements set forth as Lessor's Improvements in Schedule "C" attached hereto. The Lessee agrees to be responsible for the installation at the fixturing date at its sole risk, cost and expense of the Lessee's Improvements in accordance with the rules and regulations as set forth in Schedule "D" attached hereto. Should the Lessee require any alterations, improvements, partitions, or changes of whatsoever kind to or in the demised premises after the Lessee has taken possession thereof, the Lessee will make and install the same at its own expense; PROVIDED HOWEVER, that no repairs, alterations, improvements, partitions, or changes of whatsoever kind shall be made without the written consent of the Lessor first had and obtained, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld; PROVIDED FURTHER, that any such repairs, alterations, improvements, partitions, or changes of whatsoever kind shall be made in a good and workmanlike manner with new, first-class materials and shall be carried out and the plans relating thereto shall be prepared by such tradesman, engineers or consultants as are approved by the Lessor. All alterations, improvements, partitions and changes made in or to the demised premises at any time before or after the taking of possession by the Lessee, by the Lessee or the Lessor, shall immediately become the property of the Lessor and form part of the demised premises and the building and shall remain upon the demised premises; PROVIDED ALWAYS that the Lessor may at the expiration or sooner termination of this Lease for any reason whatsoever require that the Lessee restore the demised premises in whole or in part to the same condition in which they were at the time of the entering into of this Lease, the exceptions to the Lessee's repair obligations only excepted. The Lessee shall not remove any furniture, leasehold improvements, fixtures, chattels of any kind from the demised premises without the prior consent of the Lessor and until all rents and other monies due are fully paid. SIGNS
IMPROVEMENTS AND ALTERATIONS. Tenant may make improvements, alterations, additions, or other changes to the Site without the written approval of the Landlord. Tenant agrees that any construction will be performed in a good and workmanlike manner and will comply with all applicable laws. All improvements, alterations, additions, or other changes to the Site shall become the property of Landlord upon the termination of this Agreement. Tenant shall have the right to erect any sign related to its business.
IMPROVEMENTS AND ALTERATIONS. 7.13. Not to make improvements, alterations or additions to the Room or the Property including the erection of a television aerial, external decoration and additions to or alterations to, the University’s installations, fixtures and fittings.