IF APPLICABLE definition

IF APPLICABLE. The duration of the Interest Period for the [REVOLVING] [TERM] Loans included in the [CONVERSION] [CONTINUATION] shall be _________ months. The undersigned hereby certifies that the following statements are true on the date hereof, and will be true on the proposed conversion/continuation date, before and after giving effect thereto and to the application of the proceeds therefrom:
IF APPLICABLE means if the rule should be applied depending on the circumstances of the situation. “Immediately” means without delay or hesitation, without any interval of time.
IF APPLICABLE means the first Distribution Date on which the amount of funds on deposit in the Series Principal Funding Account (after giving effect to all deposits made on such date pursuant to Section 9) equals the Series Invested Amount for such Distribution Date (prior to any payments of principal on such date pursuant to Section 10); provided, however, that the Fully Funded Date shall only occur during the Early Accumulation Period.

Examples of IF APPLICABLE in a sentence

  • If applicable, indicate whether the acquisition is the acquisition of an interest in property contiguous to or otherwise related to any other asset acquired in the last 12 months.

  • If applicable, the shipment tracking number or pertinent information for verification of TIPS Member receipt shall be made available upon request.

  • If applicable and your staff will be on TIPS member premises for delivery, training or installation etc.

  • If applicable, authorization to install any new emissions unit included in this permit shall terminate within eighteen months of the effective date of the permit if the owner or operator has not undertaken a continuing program of installation or has not entered into a binding contractual obligation to undertake and complete within a reasonable time a continuing program of installation.

  • If applicable, the Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) in case the joint venture is already in existence, or duly notarized statements from all the potential joint venture partners in accordance with Section 23.1(b) of the IRR.

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IF APPLICABLE means the template is required if the project has impact on that area, such as training, contract management, or infrastructure changes.
IF APPLICABLE. Peak Load” means the maximum rate of Energy production, net of auxiliary loads and station electrical uses at a Unit or the Facility, which will include all turbines operating simultaneously at the maximum rate of duct firing, if applicable. Peak Load for the Facility and each Unit is specified in Appendix II.]
IF APPLICABLE. Faculty Member (sign ONLY IF faculty sponsor is not within the academic area for which credit is being given – LOOK AT COURSE CODE) -Approval for registration of academic credit for the course code and number of credits assigned in Section 3. Faculty Member (within the area credit is being given) Date
IF APPLICABLE. Out-Of-Country Opportunities- students planning an overseas experience for academic purposes need to go through the Office of International Programs to complete liability paperwork, applications, etc., as well as for information pertaining to practical travel tips. FINAL SIGNATURE (obtain by dropping off application and all materials at the registrar’s office)
IF APPLICABLE. DELINQ_STATUS_CODE FNMA Code Describing Status of Loan DELINQ_REASON_CODE The circumstances which caused a borrower to stop paying on a loan. Code indicates the reason why the loan is in default for this cycle. MI_CLAIM_FILED_DATE Date Mortgage Insurance Claim Was Filed With MM/DD/YYYY Mortgage Insurance Company. MI_CLAIM_AMT Amount of Mortgage Insurance Claim Filed No commas(,) or dollar signs ($) MI_CLAIM_PAID_DATE Date Mortgage Insurance Company Disbursed MM/DD/YYYY Claim Payment MI_CLAIM_AMT_PAID Amount Mortgage Insurance Company Paid On 2 No commas(,) Claim or dollar signs ($) POOL_CLAIM_FILED_DATE Date Claim Was Filed With Pool Insurance MM/DD/YYYY Company POOL_CLAIM_AMT Amount of Claim Filed With Pool Insurance 2 No commas(,) Company or dollar signs ($) POOL_CLAIM_PAID_DATE Date Claim Was Settled and The Check Was MM/DD/YYYY Issued By The Pool Insurer POOL_CLAIM_AMT_PAID Amount Paid On Claim By Pool Insurance Company 2 No commas(,) or dollar signs ($) FHA_PART_A_CLAIM_FILED_DATE Date FHA Part A Claim Was Filed With HUD MM/DD/YYYY FHA_PART_A_CLAIM_AMT Amount of FHA Part A Claim Filed 2 No commas(,) or dollar signs ($) FHA_PART_A_CLAIM_PAID_DATE Date HUD Disbursed Part A Claim Payment MM/DD/YYYY FHA_PART_A_CLAIM_PAID_AMT Amount HUD Paid on Part A Claim 2 No commas(,) or dollar signs ($) FHA_PART_B_CLAIM_FILED_DATE Date FHA Part B Claim Was Filed With HUD MM/DD/YYYY FHA_PART_B_CLAIM_AMT Amount of FHA Part B Claim Filed 2 No commas(,) or dollar signs ($) FHA_PART_B_CLAIM_PAID_DATE Date HUD Disbursed Part B Claim Payment MM/DD/YYYY FHA_PART_B_CLAIM_PAID_AMT Amount HUD Paid on Part B Claim 2 No commas(,) or dollar signs ($) VA_CLAIM_FILED_DATE Date VA Claim Was Filed With the Veterans MM/DD/YYYY Admin VA_CLAIM_PAID_DATE Date Veterans Admin. Disbursed VA Claim MM/DD/YYYY Payment VA_CLAIM_PAID_AMT Amount Veterans Admin. Paid on VA Claim 2 No commas(,) or dollar signs ($)
IF APPLICABLE. In accordance with the terms set forth in the Quality Agreement (which, in accordance with the MDA, shall control), Patheon is responsible for manufacturer’s release, and Tricida is responsible for shipping authorization/product release. Patheon will provide CofAs (Certificates of Analysis), CoCs (Certificates of Compliance) and QA (Quality Assurance ) reviewed batch records. Patheon may, elect to have the analytical testing for specific batches performed by the external contractors; Patheon shall provide all required support (such as, but not limited to, immediate sample shipment) to facilitate such analytical testing and such contractors shall provide the CofAs to Patheon; TRC026 and TRC101 release testing shall be the sole responsibility of Patheon. Patheon will release the first four (4) batches of TRC026 and TRC101 without bundling any of the testing. Upon receipt of all CofAs, executed batch records, and supporting documentation, Tricida may make inquiries, or request corrections or investigations as provided in the Quality Agreement and the terms of the MDA, which are consistent with cGMP practice, and the Parties shall make a good faith effort to close all investigations pertaining to the manufacture or analysis of product, and to satisfactorily resolve all inquiries and corrections requested by Tricida within a four (4) week period beginning with Patheon’s receipt of such inquiry or request. Tricida shall provide shipping authorization/product release within ten (10) business days of the satisfactory resolution of all issues. Any new inquiries or corrections made by Tricida more than two (2) weeks after its receipt of the CofA, executed batch records, and supporting documentation, will not impact the timing of invoicing and title transfer.]
IF APPLICABLE. Borrower has filed its [10-K/10-Q] with the SEC; attached as Schedule 1 hereto is a copy of such [10-K/10-Q] and copies of any items listed in clause [(a)/(c)] of Schedule 5.1 of the Credit Agreement that were not included in such [10-K/10-Q].] The financial information of Borrower and its Subsidiaries furnished in Schedule 1 attached hereto has been prepared in accordance with GAAP (except for year-end adjustments and the lack of footnotes), and fairly presents in all material respects the consolidated financial condition of Borrower and its Subsidiaries as of the date thereof.